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Why Does my Area Code Affect the Cost of My Car Insurance Premiums?

How Your Area Code Affects your Car Insurance Premiums

There are many elements that can influence the cost of your car insurance premium. Some are unavoidable, like your age. Others can be changed to lower the monthly cost of your car insurance premiums. Things like where you live and what colour car you drive.

Are you concerned about paying too much to insure your car? Read our secrets to paying less for car insurance and you could save big. If you live in a high crime area, you could even consider moving to lower your premiums. Your address can affect your car insurance premiums. Here’s how it works:

How Area Codes Affect Car Insurance Premiums

Your area code informs the insurer where your car will be overnight. The insurer uses this information to figure out whether you live in a high or low crime area. Based on the number of claims from residents in your area, insurance companies can determine if the areas is high or low in crime.

The higher the crime statistics in the area, the higher the risk your vehicle is exposed to. Or, the more claims for theft and break in the insurance company receives from the area, the more at risk the insured’s vehicle is of being broken into or stolen. The insurance company will increase the premiums to cater for increased risk. They also lower premiums where clients live in low-risk areas.

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