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What is FNB Insure?

FNB Insure is First National Bank’s insurance arm. Yes, this bank offers foreign exchange solutions, loans, banking services, and other financial services, but they also offer insurance. They have appointed FNB insurance brokers, typically an insurance specialist, to help guide their customers though their cover needs.

In the past, their insurance offering was limited to funeral insurance and FNB life insurance, but they have expanded their offering to include many more options. FNB believes everyone deserves access to insurance that can enhance their financial future. Their unique approach to insurance is designed for the benefit of customers.

Does FNB Have Car Insurance?

Yes, FNB now offers car insurance. FNB car insurance was launched in February 2022.

First National Bank, the oldest bank in South Africa, has launched short-term insurance to cover your car and home. You can now get comprehensive cover for your insured vehicle or home and home contents with this bank. This comes as an expansion on their previous insurance offering of life insurance, business insurance, and other specialised products.

What Makes the FNB Short-Term Insurance Product Unique?

Their unique offer allows you to get free insurance cover for items purchased using their FNB virtual cards. This is sure to help insured parties lower their monthly premium. You can also earn a percentage of your premiums back in eBucks when meeting their criteria, such as remaining claim free for a few years.

The car insurance policy gives you up to 15% of your premium back in EBucks every month, even if you claim. The amount you get back depends on your EBucks rewards level. They also don’t have restrictions on drivers, as long as the driver has a valid license and the permission of the insured (the person named in the insurance policy documents).

How Does the FNB Short-Term Insurance Offering Work?

Unlike FNB Life insurance, FNB car and home cover is short term insurance. This means it isn’t designed to last the entirety of your lifetime, then give a lump sum pay-out when you pass away. It is instead designed to help you cover the unforeseen expense of losses, damage, and injuries related to your home, home contents, and car.

These could include medical expenses after a car accident, roadside assistance in an emergency, or payouts for personal assets within your home should a covered peril occur. There may be waiting periods that apply, and other exclusions to your cover could exist. This is why it is important to read through their policy documents carefully before you sign on the dotted line.

The FNB insurance policies come with EBucks rewards, and you can read the EBucks rules that apply to your cover in the policy documents. You can also see what is and isn’t covered, for example whether emergency assistance services are included, in your FNB insurance policy documents. Once you and the insurer have signed these documents, your cover becomes active.


What Other FNB Insurance Products Are on Offer?

FNB can be your trusted insurance provider, whether you have a bank account with them or not. They include value-added benefits to their policies, so you get the most affordable cover and the most benefit possible for your monthly premium payments. They offer many financial services and products, including bank accounts, credit cards, personal loans, offshore products, staffing solutions, and much more.

With FNB, you can save money, invest money, and even insure your money (debt repayment cover). Their Takaful product line offers customers Shari’ah-compliant insurance options. You can get cover for a body corporate, commercial needs (such as agricultural insurance and aviation insurance), specialised motor cover, cover for engineering, and personal cover options in the Takaful product range.

What Does FNB Car Insurance Cover?

You can choose from three policy options that give varying degrees of cover. For an additional premium amount, you can include additional benefits to customise the cover you get for your vehicle. Your car gets insured for its retail value on the FNB policy options. FNB will also offer you reduced affordable premiums when you add more cars to your policy.

Their third-party-only plan only offers pay outs for third party claims where you are found liable related to your insured car, for example if you caused an accident. This policy doesn’t cover damage to your own vehicle or any other costs.

You can then choose third-party, theft, and fire cover, or you can select their comprehensive option for the most cover. Their policy includes cash payments to assist you if your vehicle breaks down outside of South Africa’s borders, car hire, and other emergency services.

What Are Customers Saying About FNB Short-Term Insurance?

While every insurance experience differs based on needs, expectations, cover options, and your unique situation, you can still get a sense for what people are saying about FNB short-term insurance on sites like HelloPeter  and RateWeb.

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