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Crazy Car Insurance Claims that Turned Out to be Legitimate

Crazy Car Insurance Claims that Turned Out to be Legitimate

Truth is only stranger than fiction because it’s governed by Murphy’s Law. Having to explain to your insurance company that the trolleys fell off the back of a truck onto your car may not sound like a legitimate car insurance claim, even when it is. The AA in Britain has had a few such crazy car insurance claims over the years, which, after much deliberation, were discovered to be legitimate.

Funny But Real Car Insurance Claims

5. “The dog was driving when…”

A man stopped his van outside a shop and ran in quickly to buy a newspaper. Moments later he came out to discover that his minivan, with the dog inside it, had disappeared. He found it down the hill crammed against another car. The dog’s lead was wrapped around the gear lever, which had pulled the car out of gear. Witnesses testified to the fact that a large dog had been driving the car.

4. “A sheep fell out of the sky.”

Two men were on their way home from a pub. Both were hit on the head when the roof of the car caved in. Stunned, they did a double take when they saw a sheep slide down the windscreen onto the bonnet and hop off onto the road. The sheep had escaped the livestock transporter on the highway.

3. “Is this a claim for theft or an accident?”

A couple of thieves stole a man’s Land Rover to use it to rob a jewellery store by ramming it through the revolving shutter doors. Unfortunately for them, the car flipped and wedged between the steel frames, trapping both thieves in the car, where they were apprehended by the police.

2. “He told me not to drive in the snow.”

A man had an argument with his girlfriend, advising her not to drive her car in the snow. He said that it was not safe. She ignored him and took her car to work. A little while after she left, he decided to follow her. He tried braking when he reached a set of traffic lights, but the car skidded and hit the car in front of him. That car hit his girlfriend’s car in front of it.

1. “The taxi I hired drove into my car.”

Bad weather forced a man to call a taxi to drive him to the station. The icy roads, though, were a match for the taxi. As it approached the man’s house, it skidded and crashed into his parked car.

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