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Is Your Motor Vehicle Recovery System Legitimate?

Is Your Motor Vehicle Recovery System Legitimate?

Unwary motorists are being fooled into a false sense of safety and are left susceptible with the invasion of mediocre vehicle tracking systems often necessary when taking out short-term motor vehicle insurance cover.

Consumers need to be conscious of what exactly it is that they are purchasing and whether the inexpensive systems will actually react as promised in their hour of need when they are most vulnerable. Not all vehicle recovery systems are the same quality. Some may fail you when you need them most, while others are outright dodgy and created by the corrupt.

The high crime rate in South Africa has unquestionably contributed to the fact that the private security industry has blossomed into one of the fastest growing segments. It also means that it is flooded with unscrupulous, unsavoury businesses and individuals offering sub-standard merchandise, one of which happens to be motor recovery systems.

It is most frightening to learn that many of these vehicle recovery systems and businesses are actually registered with certain regulatory bodies. While the providers of these subpar recovery systems do have a range of trustworthy products available, the sad thing is that they are now introducing a rather cheap and nasty range of products in an effort to improve their market share.

These companies should be thinking out of the box and broadening their horizons by offering better-quality value-added products and services that necessitate investment and growth. Instead, certain providers are causing havoc in the motor vehicle recover industry by offering many under-performing and inferior systems to the public.

Why a Legitimate Vehicle Recovery System is Important

Inexpensive radio-frequency systems put motorists in danger. The chances are that if your car or vehicle is stolen or hijacked, the thieves can easily disarm and remove the system before you even have the opportunity to notify your tracking company. If your tracker can be remove so easily, it cannot perform its primary function of helping you recover your stolen car.

The whole idea of having a tracker system installed should be to keep hijackings and theft to a minimum. Unfortunately, statistics show that these cheaper radio-frequency tracking systems have a less than 45% recovery rate which is exacerbated by poor installation. Car owners end up spending money on systems that can ultimately fail them. It makes more sense to purchase your vehicle recovery system from a reputable company, even if it costs more.

Short-term insurance companies are treating these instances in a very serious light. Based on the high crime in South Africa, it is important that you approach your safety seriously too. What you need to ask yourself is, “Why are these systems half the price of that offered by a reputable tracking service provider?”

Thieves are now in a strong position to locate and remove cheap RF (radio frequency) systems. If you have the backup of a reliable and reputable service provider, however, it could make all the difference. A key aspect of successful recovery is the response time, which directly correlates to the sophistication of your tracking device.

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