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What Are the Best Car Insurance Companies in South Africa (2022)?

Do you want to compare insurance policies for car insurance in South Africa? Find out here who the best insurance companies in South Africa are and why.

This will help you gain a more accurate understanding of your coverage and the insurance costs involved for each insurer. With this information, you can accurately compare your insurance options to find the best car insurer for you!

Top Ranked Car Insurance Companies on Review Websites (2022)

These are the insurers that are ranked in the top ten on RateWeb for car cover in 2022. Interestingly, it differs from the top ten ranked insurers on

Ranked Car Insurance Company (RateWeb) Car Insurer (HelloPeter Trust Index)
1 Discovery Car Insurance Prime Meridian Direct
2 MiWay Car Insurance
3 Outsurance King Price Insurance
4 Auto and General OnePlan Insurance
5 Old Mutual REAM Insurance Brokers
6 Budget Insurance Pineapple Insurance
7 Dial Direct Virseker
8 King Price MiWay Blink
9 1st for Women Budget Insurance
10 Hollard 1st for Women

Do I Need Car Insurance?

If you own and drive a car or vehicle, you probably need car insurance. An accident can occur at any time when you are driving on South Africa’s roads. While everyone hopes to never experience one, the reality is that road accidents are frequent and common.

Dealing with the accident itself can be overwhelming, nevermind the aftermath. Even for small accidents, you may need to deal with minor repairs, liability claims, medical costs, and other costs of accidental damage. These can add up quickly.

Aside from accidents, theft and intentional damage to your vehicle are also very real risks in South Africa. Many South Africans cannot afford repair costs or the cost of replacing a stolen or totalled vehicle. You will most likely need cover for damage caused and other common perils, such as theft and fire.

Thankfully, South Africa offers an abundance of competitive car insurance options for you to choose from. Affordable insurance brands have become more accessible, with InsureTech companies offering mobile apps that insure your car and many top insurers now completing the coverage process online.


Why is Finding the Best Car Insurance Important?

Not all car insurers are alike, so the benefits and cover you get can differ greatly. Some insurers exclude emergency medical cover, and others don’t cover certain types of natural disasters in certain situations. Monthly premiums can be affordable or on the costlier side, and sometimes the price isn’t worth it if you don’t need the added benefits. So, how can you tell for sure which insurer is best for you?

Below, we compare some of the leading car insurance companies in the country. If you want to save time, you can fill in the form at the bottom of this page. Our system is designed to match you with the ideal car insurer for your needs. They will call you with an obligation-free offer.

Leading Car Insurers in South Africa

You can browse insurance options for your vehicle below to find the best auto insurance company for your needs. Whether you want cheap car insurance products or comprehensive insurance cover, these leading insurance companies could be the right option for you. You can also find out more about them on our site.

Instead of detailing full policy wording below, we are highlighting a few benefits that make each car insurance company stand out from the rest. For a more in-depth view of each car insurer’s offering, you can browse insurance companies on our site.

What’s Special About Budget Car Insurance?

BetterCar Value – You can choose to upgrade your policy to include BetterCar. If your car is written off in an accident and you have BetterCar, Budget gives you the same car you drove, except a newer model. Terms and conditions apply.

Assist Benefits – You can get added benefits with your policy for free and choose additional cover options, too, such as scratch and dent cover. These assist benefits can include 24-hour roadside emergency assistance, medical assistance, accident assistance, home assist, trauma assist, legal assist, and more.

CashBack – Get money back in your pocket if you remain claim-free for two years, and then for every year after that.

What Makes King Price Car Cover Stand Out?

Multiple Cars Discount – When you insure two or more cars with King Price, they offer you a discount on your insurance premiums. The discount increases depending on the number of cars insured, capped at a maximum of 20% off.

Decreasing Car Insurance Premiums – Thanks to their unique approach, the King of insurance can offer you cheap car insurance premiums that reduce each month as your vehicle depreciates. They believe you shouldn’t have to keep paying a higher premium when your car’s value is consistently decreasing.

What Makes Naked Car Insurance Different?

CoverPause – Thanks to the ability to pause your cover at any time through the app, you can get the cheapest insurance possible for your situation. With already cheap insurance initially, this trending insurer has fine-tuned convenience for the insured.

Call-Free Claims – You can claim after an insured event without a fuss. Naked says they look for reasons to pay out, not the other way around. You also won’t need to make any phone calls. You can do it all on the app.

What Makes OUTsurance Car Insurance Worthwhile?

OUTbonus – If you don’t claim for an insured event for three consecutive years, OUTsurance will pay you back up to 10% of your premiums. If you remain claim free for even longer, they offer further OUTbonuses you can enjoy.

Help@OUT – All OUTsurance customers get free roadside assistance and home assistance services that are available at all times and all days of the year. This 24-hour roadside assistance and home assistance is free and included in all their car insurance policies.

Beat the Price – If OUTsurance can’t beat your current car insurance premium when you call them for a quote, they will pay your R400. This ensures you get the lowest possible insurance cover.

Vehicle Cover Variety – You can choose from a number of policies to insure different types of vehicles, from a boat insurance policy to comprehensive motorbike insurance.