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car insurance tips for the holidays

8 Car and Home Insurance Tips for the Holidays

Are you a lover of travel? If you’re keen to don your travel hat once again, you can use our list of tips to make sure your car and home are safe. We look at car and home insurance tips that will keep your valuables safe and ensure your claims aren’t rejected.

Insurers often reject claims when the insured do not follow certain regulations, when they are dishonest, or if they do not pay their premiums. Many insurance providers expect homeowners to keep certain security measures. Here are common safety and insurance tips you can use for the holidays to ensure you’re covered and safe.

Top 8 Car and Home Insurance Holiday Tips

1. Hire a House Sitter.

Some insurers do not cover events like theft if a house stands unoccupied for more than a few days. Hiring a house sitter can also greatly lower the risk of a break-in at your place while you are away. A house sitter can clear your mailbox for you, feed your pets, water your plants, take out your bin on rubbish day, and much more.

It’s a good idea to hire someone with a good reputation or someone you know and trust personally. You can also leave them your contact number and address in case of emergencies. If an insured event occurs, such as theft, fire, a burst geyser, or storm damage, they can immediately call you. You can then make sure that your home insurance is aware of the situation and salvages, replaces, or repairs where needed.

2. Check Your Ride.

Many car insurance plans require that you maintain your vehicle in good working order. To make sure your car can handle the holidays, you can do a thorough vehicle safety inspection. Also remember to check that your vehicle is roadworthy, and that all your licenses are up to date. In this way, you can avoid traffic fines and lower your risk of being in an accident.

Vehicle security is also important. If your insurer requires a vehicle tracking device, it’s a good idea to test it. Ensure you have a safe and secure parking spot. Close your car windows and doors and lock them. Keeping your car as secure as possible can only be beneficial if you do end up having to claim for theft.

3. Focus on Home Security.

The home is as important as the car when it comes to security checks. Inspect your home insurance policy to see if the insurer requires any specific security measures of you. It could be a sliding lock on a door or lighting up the yard at night.

It’s a good idea to test your alarm systems and beams, along with the armed response. You can replace batteries in your beams. Test your door handles, locks, magnets, and other means of securing entrances. If you have an electric fence, you can trim away any branches that might set off the alarm while you are gone.

4. Driving Abroad?

Are you traveling outside the country? In that case, you can check whether your driving license is valid in your country of destination. They aren’t always. Your car insurance also might not cover you in certain countries and locations. You can find the limitations of your cover geographically in your policy document. Some countries may insist on seeing your car insurance papers before they allow you entry.

5. Remember to Pay Your Utilities.

If your power gets cut while you’re gone, it could be catastrophic. Fridges that defrost and freezers that melt down could leave you with rot and water damage. An easy solution is paying your water and electricity just before you go. You can also put valuables and important documents into a safe deposit box away from your home. Any cars you leave behind need to be immobilised or locked away securely where no thief can see it or get to it.

6. Insurance for Expensive Gifts?

Did you know that some home insurance policies can offer you cover for expensive gift items you have purchased? While these gifts wait under the tree, you won’t have to stress about them being stolen. Simply inform your insurance provider about the items. You can get cover for tech gadgets, jewellery, and even appliances.

7. Are Your Travelling Valuables Covered?

Your camera, laptop, and other valuables travelling with you need special insurance. It’s called portable possessions cover or movable items insurance. You can also opt for all-risk cover for these items. All-risk insurance can be more expensive, but it is also more comprehensive.

Vigilance while travelling is also important. Thieves like to take advantage of the busy-ness of airports and holiday destinations to rid you of a few valuables. Holiday chalets are a burglar favourite. Don’t let down your guard while you are on holiday.

8. Manage Your Mailbox.

Opportunistic burglars or thieves may take a full mailbox as a sign that nobody is home. To keep your home safe, cancel your newspaper and magazine subscriptions while you are away. You can also ask a house sitter or neighbour to empty your mailbox each day.

Social media can also be a dead give-away that you aren’t home. Ensure that only those you trust are on your social feeds. Try not to give away your location or ensure your home has excellent security if you do. The goal is to hide the signs that nobody is home to lower the risk of a break-in.

As far as insurance goes, make sure your insurance provider has all the honest information they need. Second, make sure your payments are up to date. And lastly, make sure every valuable that may be at risk is covered under a car and home insurance policy. If you don’t have all the cover you need, you can get free quotes by filling in our online form.