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New National Assurance Company

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New National Assurance Company


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New National Assurance Company

If you want an insurance contract from a reliable financial services provider with a history of diversity in ownership, New National Assurance is a strong contender. Learn more about what they have to offer you here.

Who is New Nation Assurance?

New national is an insurer known as the biggest empowered short-term insurance provider in the South African insurance landscape. They can offer South Africans cover in respect of domestic and commercial needs. This insurance business has been operating in the insurance industry for over 50 years and has the capacity to cover large scale financial risks.

Who owns New National Assurance?

The chairman of New National Assurance Company is Mahomed Paruk, and the managing director is Kalim Rajab. The company has been operating on a national scale for many decades, providing short-term insurance products to corporates and individuals in South Africa.

How Does New National Assurance’s Cover Work?

When you get a contract of insurance with NNAC, you pay the monthly price of insurance protection detailed in the contract. This monthly premiums is paid by the insured party in return for financial cover from the insurer. The cover you get is also detailed in the policy documents you sign.

Some contracts include a period of time where the insured is not yet covered. This is called a waiting period. If you want to know when your cover kicks in, you can check the policy documents. The contracts often also detail exclusions and terms and conditions. It is important to familiarise yourself with these and ensure you have adequate cover before signing.

What Does NNAC Insurance Cover?

Short-term insurers offer you cover for a future uncertainty called a peril, usually a list of perils. These can include the risk of loss, damage, or injury due to weather phenomenon, intentional malicious acts, and other common risks. With the range of cover provided by New National Assurance Company, you can safeguard your business development or personal assets with ease.

Now you can get access to quality cover from the largest empowered short-term insurer to protect you from potential risks. Here are some of the classes of insurance protection they offer.

Types of Insurance Coverage at new National Assurance

NNAC Domestic Insurance

Everyone has assets that matter to them, from a home to a car and valuable home contents. With the wide range of insurance on offer at NNAC, you can ensure your valuables are safe and covered against common perils.

  • You can get buildings insurance that protects the structures on your personal property from fire, storm, earthquake, and more.
  • They also offer home contents insurance that covers the belongings within your home, such as appliances, furniture, fixtures, clothing, and more.
  • Those looking for cover can choose all risk insurance for valuable personal items and household goods that are frequently moved outside of the home, such as cameras, laptops, and wedding rings.
  • If you’re a driver, you can get motor vehicle insurance that suites your budget. NNAC offers comprehensive car insurance, third-party, theft, and fire, or third-party only.

NNAC allows their policyholders to select their own excess and added benefits, such as windscreen cover or restricted driver policies.

NNAC Commercial Insurance

New National Assurance Company works with brokers to offer businesses an enhanced insurance portfolio quality. By adding multiple forms of cover adjusted to your needs and budget, you can ensure your cover is sufficient for the risks relevant to your business operations. Here are some of the forms of cover you can consider including in your business portfolio:
  • Office contents insurance covers damages or loss to the contents of consulting rooms and offices.
  • You can get fire and allied perils cover to cover buildings, plants, machinery, fixtures, fittings, stock, and more against loss or damage arising from common perils.
  • Their accidental damage cover covers damage to property or losses at the insured premises that aren’t otherwise covered.
  • Their business interruption insurance is popular in the African market since the pandemic. It covers losses due to an interruption in business due to a covered peril.
  • Goods-in-transit insurance is vital for logistics companies because of the transport risk and loss ratio for stock being transported.

They also offer money insurance, glass insurance, buildings combined cover, accounts receivable cover, and business all risks. Your agreement of insurance can include a number of the listed cover types, and you will be required to sign the relevant documents before your cover commences.

What Makes Them Different?

NNAC offers industry-specific cover for engineers or other professionals in need of indemnification. Their innovative Insurance Savings Pocket product allows those with household and vehicle insurance plans to create an interest-bearing investment with their premiums. You can track this interest on their app, and the interest goes to you, not the insurer.

If you drive a very special vehicle, you can get specialised motor insurance from NNAC. Lastly, they off usage-based motor insurance, which means how you use the vehicle can influence the cost of your insurance. If you qualify for this option, you can save on your insurance premium by driving less.

Are you looking for the best cover for your needs? You don’t have to search for the best insurer – our system can do it for you! Simply fill in the form at the top of this page, and our system will match you with the ideal insurer for your needs. Then, they will call you! It’s that easy!

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