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How Simply Insurance can benefit you

Ever heard of Simply Insurance? They’re pretty new to the game, but they offer simple, affordable insurance solutions to make your life easier and secure the financial future of the ones you love. Founded in 2015, Simply Insurance’s three partners began with an aim to make insurance easy to understand and affordable for emerging economies like ours.

Simply Insurance wants to bring positive and meaningful solutions to everyday South Africans in the life insurance sector. You can get insurance for your family, your domestic help, and your business group that is extensive and includes everything you need.

I’m looking for Simply Insurance for my Family

Most of us want insurance to protect our families and loved ones. With Simply Insurance, you can get one plan that covers everything you need. Simply’s Family Cover option includes life insurance that covers the insured for up to R2 million, disability cover for up to R2 million, and funeral cover of up to R50k for the insured.

To apply for the Simply Family Cover option, you don’t need to do any blood tests or medical examinations. Cover is instant and the monthly premiums start at R89 a month!

I want Simply Insurance for my Domestic Help

An often overlooked but important type of insurance; our domestic employees need cover as much as our families do. Many families rely on their domestic help, and they have become like part of the family. Don’t leave their families destitute if disaster strikes; the responsible solution is Simply Domestic Cover.

The Simply Domestic Cover option offers life insurance, disability insurance, and funeral cover. As with the family cover, domestic cover requires no blood tests or medicals to apply, and there are only 3 health questions to answer! You can get immediate cover for your domestic help whether they are South Africans or foreigners with legal permits to work in South Africa. The application process is easy and fast.

I need Group Cover for my business from Simply Insurance

Protect your employees with a solution from Simply Insurance called the Group Cover option. In this option, your business gets life, disability, and funeral cover for 5 or more staff members. No blood tests or medicals are required, and the application process is fast and easy.

Get instant cover for South Africans and legal foreigners who work for your company and protect your company’s future success with employees who feel their families are secure. There is no minimum policy size, so even if you need cover for only a few employees, Simply Insurance has got your back.

About Simply Life Insurance

Life insurance is important for anyone who has people dependent on them financially. If your family, your domestic help, or your employees depend on you financially, you need to have life insurance. Your employees or family may also need life insurance if others depend on them, so secure their future with a Simply cover plan.

Simply life insurance options pay a lump sum of cash to the beneficiary when the insured dies. You can choose up to R2 million cover for family or employees, and up to R200k for domestic help. If the insured is diagnosed with a terminal illness, they can choose to receive a full payout of the amount early. Some options even include money paid out monthly for groceries for a period of time.

About Simply Disability Insurance

Disability and death are prospects we don’t like to consider, but the reality of these eventualities can devastate a family or company financially if they strike when we are unprepared. That’s why planning for these possibilities is a wise financial choice. Simply Disability Insurance can cover a variety of things, depending on the cover you choose and how you customise your options.

The Simply family and domestic options don’t cover all disabilities, so be sure to check their list to see what qualifies before signing up. The group cover option for disability cover will pay out if the insured person can no longer do their job for a variety of reasons. If you’re unsure about what to include, chat to a Simply agent for guidance.

About Simply Funeral Insurance

Simply funeral insurance is funeral insurance made easy. Whether you need funeral cover for your family, domestic help, or employees, you can get different packages from Simply Insurance.

Their funeral insurance includes a fast payout when the insured passes away, a body repatriation service for plans activated after 25 June 2017, and other support services essential for making your family’s life easier in the difficult period of loss. With one plan, you can cover yourself, your spouse, and a number of children. If the funeral insurance is for your domestic help or your employees, benefits are much the same, and you can select the amount of cover you require.

Funeral Insurance is important for you and your family. Make sure that your passing doesn’t cost the loved ones you leave behind a secure financial future. Funeral Insurance is there to cover the costs of a funeral and everything involved in honouring a loved one after they pass away.

Can Simply help me if I’m unsure about what I need in my Insurance package?

The Simply team of friendly brokers can help you figure out what your life insurance, disability insurance, and funeral insurance plan should and shouldn’t include. They can also help customise your insurance product so it suits your needs best. Get the ideal cover for your family, domestic help, or employees’ unique needs today.

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