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Simply Insurance

Simply Life Insurance operates independently and collaborates with the entire insurance market, providing better care at a lower cost. Find out more…

Who is Simply Insurance?

Established in 2015, Simply Insurance aims to make insurance understandable and affordable for emerging economies.


What Can Simply Insurance Offer You?

If you’re considering family cover, Simply’s Family Cover provides a comprehensive package that encompasses life insurance, disability cover, and funeral cover. The application process is straightforward, and coverage is instant, ensuring that your loved ones are protected in case of unexpected events.

For domestic workers who are an integral part of your household, opting for domestic cover is essential. This plan includes life insurance, disability insurance, and funeral insurance. Much like family cover, the application process is hassle-free, and coverage is provided immediately, ensuring that your domestic help and their families are safeguarded.

If you’re a business owner, you might be interested in group cover offered by Simply. This option extends life insurance, disability insurance, and funeral insurance to your employees. The application process is both rapid and uncomplicated, making it convenient to protect your staff and secure your business’s future.


Is Life Insurance Essential?

Life insurance plays a critical role in securing the financial well-being of your family, domestic help, or employees, ensuring their continued support in the event of your passing. And the best part? Signing up is a simple process and the claim payout is easy, all as a result of their amazing customer service.

What Does Simply Disability Insurance Cover?

Simply Disability Insurance offers coverage for various disabilities, with the extent of coverage determined by the options you select. For guidance on choosing the right disability insurance plan, you can consult a Simply agent who will help customise your coverage to suit your unique needs.

Why is Funeral Insurance Important?

Funeral insurance, as provided by Simply, holds significant importance as it spares your loved ones the financial burdens associated with your passing. It provides a funeral plan that ensures that funeral arrangements can proceed with dignity and respect, alleviating the stress on your family during a challenging time.

Empowering Your Insurance Decision

At Simply Insurance, their mission is to make insurance understandable, affordable, and tailored to your needs. As the name implies, insurance with Simply is a simple process from start to finish.

The insurance provider offers personalised guidance from a team of dedicated insurance experts who help you find the right life, disability, and funeral insurance solutions. Whether you’re safeguarding your family, domestic help, or employees, Simply ensures your financial well-being with hassle-free coverage and simplified claims for any type of insurance.

If you’re ready to find your ideal insurer, fill in our contact form and one of our insurance experts will be in touch for a complete insurance quote. Affordable insurance solutions are only a click away.