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Regent Life Insurance

Regent merged with Regent Life Assurance to start offering long-term insurance to individuals, making it possible for consumers to get all their cover under one portfolio. Regent Life was established in 1994 for the simple reason that it could offer a wide range of products that are customizable, unique and cost-effective.

The Regent life insurance offering caters for a varied group of customer necessities, including both individuals and businesses. With the expertise and experience in the life insurance market, Regent Life has been able to develop pertinent resolutions at the most affordable rates.

Regent is the market leader in Credit Life (debt protection) and is acknowledged as one of the fastest growing and most ground-breaking companies in the life insurance realm. The extensive range of life insurance plans, cover businesses and individuals with a broad spectrum of benefits available. Some of these include:

Regent works hand-in-glove with a variety of brokers and agents that are authorised to sell their products so that clients have a personal one-on-one relationship within close proximity to their place of work or residence.


  • Cover for LifeCover for Life is a flexible plan that offers numerous benefits, which is perfect for individuals. This plan can cover a maximum of 16 members of the insured’s immediate or extended family. Furthermore, the policyholder can add or remove benefits and members to suit the current circumstances.
  • Cover for FuneralCover for Funeral offers the option of including up to sixteen members of the policy holder’s immediate or extended family.
  • Savings ProviderSavings Provider is a more accessible and tailored option to save money, rather than putting money in your banking account. Unlike other conservative life insurance policies, a savings unit can be included, which is the equivalent to an investment account. The insured pays contributions into a savings account which accumulates interest before paying out when the insured reaches the age of 65 years. This amount paid out is tax-free (on retirement).
  • 5Q When the insured passes away, the beneficiaries will be paid out a maximum amount of R600 000 without having to undergo a medical examination.
  • Education Provider The Education Provider is a plan specifically that provides funds for educating a child or children.
  • Regent Insurance Group Cover – Regent provides group life cover for companies looking to invest in human capital. The policies include:
  • Group credit life
  • Group funeral
  • Group life and
  • Group society cover
  • Regent Life Insurance Accident Cover – Cover for accident and disability if he or she is unable to continue working.

Why choose Regent Life Assurance:

  • Regent Life Insurance Premium Waiver If the insured has included his or her family on their life or funeral insurance policy, the family will continue to be covered even after the insured dies.
  • Regent will continue to pay the extended family’s premiums for up to 10 years after the death of the main member on the policy.

Regent is a member of the Imperial Group which is a multinational corporation that offers security to businesses and individuals alike.

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