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Prime Meridian Life Insurance

Insurance can often be perceived as a grudge purchase, and life insurance is certainly no exception.

Prime Meridian life insurance offers affordable packages that are geared specifically towards single parents and especially single moms. Parents need to put a watertight system in place for the care of their minor children should they no longer be able to do so. Sufficient life insurance will play a huge role in ensuring the future of your children, giving you peace of mind if they are taken care of financially.

Prime Meridian product:

Prime Meridian Living Legacy:

  • Prime Meridian life insurance has recognised the gap in the life insurance market and has come up with a solution – insurance that is specific to the needs of a single parent, offering a product that is not only accessible to all, but inexpensive as well
  • Personal cover from the Prime Living Legacy plan is unbelievably affordable at only R2 a day
  • Everyone can qualify
  • The application process is simple; there are no medical tests or questionnaires – making it an easy process

Special features of the Prime Legacy Plan include:

  • The Prime Legacy Plan premium payments are guaranteed for the first 36 months of inception of the policy
  • Thereafter, premium payments automatically increase each year by 10% in order to protect your benefits against rising costs and inflation

Prime Living Legacy Plan Benefits

  • Tax-free cash benefits which can be up to R270 000
  • Immediate cover for accidental death or death caused by illness
  • There are flexible options for family members – your spouse, partner or up to 4 children can be added to your insurance plan at an additional cost
  • Prime Meridian provides a guarantee that all your outstanding debts will be settled when you die, thus alleviating the financial burden on your surviving family members
  • It also ensures peace of mind knowing that your dependents will be able to maintain a comfortable lifestyle after your death. The payment of this benefit helps to ensure that day to day living expenses are taken care of after the loss of the primary financial provider

Prime Meridian Hospital Plan

  • The Prime Meridian Hospital Plan provides cover for loss of income resulting from a stay in hospital
  • Cover includes personal accident, illness or accidental disability benefits
  • The Prime Meridian Life Insurance hospital cover pays up to R4000 per day up to a maximum of R120 000 per month

Prime Meridian Life Insurance offers products and services at affordable prices, partnering with sound institutions such as RMB Structured Insured Limited and Constantia Insurance Company Limited to ensure that insurance products are safeguarded.

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