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Motorite Motor Warranties

Perhaps the very first thing we look out for when buying a car, whether the vehicle is pre-owned or brand new, is whether the car comes complete with a motor warranty.

Motorite Motor Warranty is an insurance product that will cover specific parts of your car – so when the red engine light begins to flash and pricey parts are imminent, your Motorite Motor Warranty will step into the equation and come to the rescue

But what exactly is a motor warranty and what is the purpose of having a warranty?

  • A warranty is not dissimilar to any other insurance cover – but in this instance it gives you complete reassurance that your car will function correctly at least during the period stipulated.
  • Although warranties are included when you buy a car, as with any other insurance products that you purchase from a service provide, there is a cost involved, as it is not free.
  • Car manufacturers and companies are continually looking at costs of the future of vehicles for different makes with exact (or close to) amounts that need to be added to the price of these cars to cover the cost of warranties.
  • Certain car manufacturers have had to step up their game and warranty coverage; this is particularly pertinent when it comes to recalls – especially certain specific models and makes that have suffered from recalls in recent times.
  • It is no secret that both Toyota and Honda are perceived to be good quality cars – that is why these makes and brands might not enjoy the best in class motor warranty cover.
  • New car warranties have come a long way through the years and as the quality of cars improve, local manufacturers are adding meat to their warranties.
  • It is important for car manufacturers to continue to give customers the kind of confidence in their cars that they deserve, even if the quality of many vehicles is far better than ever before.
  • Motor warranties are becoming an important part of marketing ploys and act as selling points for numerous makes of cars.

What you can expect from your motor warranty with Motorite:

  • You need never be concerned about unexpected electrical or mechanical breakdowns.
  • By taking out a Motorite Motor Warranty you will get more for your vehicle should you decide to sell it – in other words you will get more bang for your buck.
  • Now you will be able to benefit from other benefits such as Motorite Medical, Motorite Legal Assist, Motorite Map Assist and Motorite Roadside Assist.

As is the case with all insurance products and warranties, you always need to be aware that you are getting exactly what you are paying for.

The Motorite Motor Warranty has much to offer owners of new and pre-owned cars – don’t pay untold fortunes to repair your car when all you need is a warranty in times of need.

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