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As of November 2014 Chartis has rebranded to AIG. Should you have any enquiries related to your insurance, please contact them directly on 0860 112 077 – [email protected]

Chartis provides personal lines insurance such as home insurance, contents cover, motor insurance as well as health and accident insurance as well as cover for identity theft. Chartis South Africa is the local division of the Chartis group, providing the company’s policies to local businesses and private individuals. Their range of business insurance policies include:

Chartis asset insurance

The company insures normal assets for extraordinary perils. Buildings, vehicles, cargo and stock may be insured for likely perils such as damage and theft, but also against sabotage and terrorism. This insurance product is unlikely to be found elsewhere in South Africa, and logically from the local division of an American company.

Chartis also covers stock in the event that it is faulty or becomes contaminated. That is, it covers the legal costs should someone who uses or consumes your business’s food, drink, cosmetics, tabacco or pharmaceuticals sues your business for personal injury.

Chartis liability insurance

Another great unlikely-to-be-found-elsewhere policy is the environmental liability cover which covers the legal damages and costs if your company is sued for endangering the planet. The other types of liability insurance offered by Chartis South Africa include public and employer’s liability.

Chartis kidnapping and extortion insurance

It’s not that they’re paranoid, what with the sabotage, terrorism and environmental liability cover. They just like have all bases covered, even the abduction and extortion base. Clayton services are hired by Chartis to manage cases of kidnapping and extortion and cover repatriation and evacuation fees. Should members of a business in a foreign country be under threat as well, Chartis will cover the costs to have them evacuated and brought home.

Chartis also provide specialized business insurance such as marine cover (which is beneficial for companies in logistics, imports, and exports and shipping). For more information on these and other insurance policies on offer by Chartis South Africa, visit the South African section of the website.

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