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FNB Insurance

Hosting the Whiskey Live festival and insuring your car seems almost anti-competitive. FNB Insurance Brokers help you by sourcing cover for your car, home, household contents and negligence in the form of liability insurance. What’s more, their insurance products come with a range of benefits, such as roadside assistance and personal accident cover depending on the level of insurance you opt in for, ranging from Silver to Platinum.

Their comprehensive cover includes car hire, mechanical breakdown for vehicles, discounts for clients who do not claim, security guards for homes, as well as a range of liability insurance including personal liability, personal accident and even legal cover.

FNB insurance for homes

FNB home insurance covers the structure of your home and all immovable fixtures attached to the home. These include walls, driveways and garages. Unlike some home insurance policies, FNB home insurance comes with the added benefit of covering the geyser. Should it burst, the policy pays out for the geyser as well as the damage it may have caused to the home (such as ceiling and carpet damage). The home insurance policy also covers the pool, the filter unit, safety net and covers, as well as the pool pump as part of the structure.

Unlike other home insurance policies, FNB Insurance Brokers automatically include subsidence and landslide. They also differentiate themselves by providing R30 000 to make alterations to a home to facilitate a wheelchair should any member of the family become disabled; a benefit usually included only in long-term cover.

FNB insurance for home contents

FNB household contents insurance covers all the movable possessions within the home for accidental damage and theft. What’s more, it includes cover for lost keys and remotes. The cover also comes with a no-claim bonus in the form of a premium discount after one year of not claiming.

Given the risk of homeowners to be liable of personal injury of third parties in their homes, the FNB home contents insurance policy includes legal costs for civil litigation instituted by or against you, personal accidents and defence of criminal charges brought against you.

FNB insurance for cars

The comprehensive cover by FNB insurance brokers covers the vehicle for accidental damage, theft, fire, explosion, and damage to third-party property. What’s more, the cover includes a 24-hour roadside assistance for breakdown and accident, lost keys and remotes (up to R5 000) and free car hire in the event of total loss. Unlike other insurance companies, FNB offers credit shortfall cover with their car insurance.

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