Home Insurance at it’s BEST!

Since there’s no place like home, can you really afford not to protect yours?

Your home is probably your greatest investment. And just like anything of great value – the greater its value, the greater the loss you risk should anything go wrong. Life has its perils like fire, flooding, lightening, theft, a burst geyser etc. and if you don’t quite plan for these, recovery is unlikely without the huge financial strain.

Home Insurance allows you to make provision should the unthinkable occur. When taking out Home Insurance, there are different policies you can consider that will suit your needs best. Depending on the insurance company, the following are normally standard policies but there might be other variations of these as well:

  • Homeowners’ Insurance Policy

Homeowners’ Insurance covers the homeowner against damage caused to the property itself. Banks normally require a property buyer to take out this type of policy when applying for a bond so that all parties are covered. Homeowners’ insurance policies can cover repairs as well as rebuilding costs which can total thousands.

  • Contents Insurance Policies

Contents Insurance covers the loss or damage to everything inside your household, from your plasma TV to your toothbrush, which Homeowners’ Insurance policies don’t normally cover. Believe it or not, but your personal property is worth more thank you think! Plus, there’s the personal value that you may have attached to some of your belongings. All these things are what make your house a home, and their value should not be underestimated.

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