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Protecting Your Loved Ones with OUTsurance Life Insurance

Embarking on the journey to find the perfect life insurance can be daunting. Yet, with OUTsurance Life Insurance, you may find just the security and peace of mind you’ve been seeking. Known for awesome service and reasonable life insurance premiums, OUTsurance could be the insurance company you have been searching for.

At, we are here to help you learn more about insurance companies and what they offer, so that you can make an informed decision. Eager to get cover fast? You can request a life insurance quote through our platform now by filling in the form at the top of this page.

About OUTsurance Life Insurance Solutions

For those searching for a life insurance policy, OUTsurance are leadings in the life insurance market and worthy of your consideration. Their long-term insurance policies can be customised to suit your cover and budget needs, and they have been proven to be a reliable insurer thanks to many years in the insurance industry. As a licensed insurer, they are a good option for those looking for life cover in South Africa.

Why do so many South Africans choose OUTsurance Life Insurance?

OUTsurance is committed to providing quality insurance products that ensure long-term financial stability for your loved ones in case of death, critical illness, or disability. What makes their life insurance product stand out from others? Aside from a reasonable monthly premium, it may be about the standard product features and benefits.

Let’s delve deeper into their life insurance options and see why many South Africans are opting for OUTsurance as their life insurer.

What's in OUTsurance -

What’s in OUTsurance life insurance packages?

If you’re an OUTsurance life insurance client, you could choose from the below cover options to build your cover policy. If you want comprehensive life cover, you can include all elements. They also offer funeral cover and disability cover as stand-alone cover options.

  • Death Cover: Safeguarding the Future of Your Loved Ones

When you’re no longer around to support your family, OUTsurance’s death cover guarantees that your loved ones can continue living the life you’ve envisioned for them. Interestingly, qualifying clients can now secure life policies up to R5 million without the requirement of medical examinations or blood tests. You also have the option to allocate a portion of your comprehensive death cover towards immediate funeral costs.

  • Disability Cover: Financial Support When You Need It Most

Life is unpredictable, but OUTsurance ensures that you have the necessary financial backing if a disability prevents you from working. This cover is designed to provide you with the financial support required to manage in such circumstances, helping you maintain your standard of living.

  • Critical Illness Cover: Shielding You from Financial Strain

The financial implications of falling seriously ill can be massive. OUTsurance’s critical illness cover comes to your rescue by covering over 40 different illnesses, ensuring that you are not burdened with financial strain during tough times.

Why choose OUTsurance life insurance?

This popular life insurance policy gives clients life cover that offers peace of mind. Along with that, customers can enjoy these benefits.

  • Tailored Premiums Offering True Value

OUTsurance sets your premium based on your unique risk factors. If you are a low-risk client, you would be paying significantly less compared to a higher-risk individual.

  • Hassle-Free Process with Expert Advice

OUTsurance prides itself on making life cover easy to obtain. By conversing with their expert advisors, you’ll find yourself covered in no time, with a premium guaranteed for the first five years, helping you manage your finances with ease.

  • Complimentary Medical Tests and Flexibility in Choices

If your cover necessitates a blood test, OUTsurance covers the cost, even offering home visits by a medical nurse if you cannot reach a lab. They also offer flexibility in choosing whether to keep your premium and cover fixed or to adjust them annually.

Is OUTsurance’s Life Cover Really Good?

You can see reviews for OUTsurance Life Insurance Company Limited online to see how other customers have experienced their service and claims processes. Or if you want to save time and hassle, you can just fill in the form at the top of our page, and our high-tech algorithms will match you with the best life insurer for you.

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