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You need to compare a wide range of business insurance quotes and a long list of insurance policies for your business, right? We can help. specializes in sourcing insurance quotes for individuals and businesses. We know what you need: a comprehensive business insurance portfolio that doesn’t break the bank. We can get you that for you. By contacting multiple insurance companies simultaneously, we can get you multiple insurance quotes instantly over the phone. All you have to do is fill in our contact form above and we’ll call you. The best part: our service is absolutely free to you.

Comparing business insurance quotes is even more complicated than comparing private insurance, such as car or home insurance, because you need to combine individual policies.

Let us take care of that,all you need to do is:

Know what business insurance you need!

Business insurance combines car, contents, stock, buildings, fleet, marine and other insurance policies into one portfolio. Given that your business is unique, with a unique set of risks, not just any business insurance policy will do. So all you have to do is figure out what type of insurance you need. You can get cover for the following:

  • Business vehicles and trucks
  • Buildings and office spaces
  • Business contents and equipment
  • Raw materials, stock and stock in transit
  • Marine vessels and fleets
  • Business liability and legal costs
  • Theft and employee dishonesty
  • Life for key members of the business
  • Specific risks pertinent to your industry (such as those for restaurants, engineers, construction companies, hotels and catering establishments, and others)

Know how much all of your assets are valued at

In order to get business quotes at the right price for you, we need to know how much the assets you want to insure are worth. This will help the insurance companies and brokers determine how much you pay in premiums every month. These should be covered for the cost to replace and not the cost at which you purchased the item.

This is true for buildings as well. All buildings should be covered for the cost to rebuild and not just their market value as hidden costs, such as rubble removal, should be taken into account.

Get multiple business insurance quotes quickly by filling in the above form, or read more about business insurance below.

To figure out what type of business insurance you need, all you have to do is make two lists. Firstly, list the most expensive risks facing your business (in order of most to least expensive). Secondly, list the most (to least) likely risks. Insure those risks which are most likely and most expensive.

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  • Finding the right insurance for my business was made much easier by I received multiple quotes and could choose the option that's best for me after one phone call. I'll definitely use their service again!
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Business Insurance

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