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Benefits of a Medical Insurance Broker

What Are the Benefits of a Medical Insurance Broker?

While you say your back surgery isn’t cosmetic, your medical aid might not agree. Your medical insurance broker makes sure your medical aid is just that: an aid. Acting as a liaison between you and the medical aid provider, your broker helps ensure you don’t get stiffed when you end up in the hospital. And they do even more! Your medical broker has the following benefits:

A List of the Benefits of a Medical Insurance Broker

1. They Navigate Medical Insurance for you.

Because he or she understands the complex world of medical insurance, your medical insurance broker can find you the plan that suits you and your family. Having experience in the industry and knowledge of it, a medical aid broker will source multiple plans with various pricing options and present them to you.

This is so you can make an informed decision when purchasing medical insurance. They save you the time of doing it yourself. Often going direct is impossible, as certain medical schemes deal only with brokers.

2. They Submit Claims for you.

The broker will also submit and administer any claims on your cover. Instead of submitting forms yourself, or leaving it up to the hospital, the insurance broker will make sure it’s done for you and get it processed.

3. They Obtain Authorization for Procedures on Your Behalf.

Just because you submit a claim, doesn’t mean that your medical scheme will approve it. Even though it may be legitimate. Certain procedures, although necessary, may be considered cosmetic. Your broker will make sure these necessary procedures are covered by medical aid.

4. They Offer Unbiased and Sound Advice.

The medical insurance broker’s experience in the industry makes him or her invaluable as a source of advice. Every year medical aids increase or adjust premiums, make changes to policies, change approved practitioners, and so on.

Your medical insurance broker can help you understand all these changes. And, if need be, help you move to a different scheme. It’s their job to stay up to date with medical insurance so you don’t have to. Your broker should be able to help you understand your medical plan too.

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