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Love Your Family Like Your Life Depends On It, With Good Life Insurance

Love Your Family Like Your Life Depends On It, With Good Life Insurance.

It is one of the purest acts of selflessness. You insure your home, your office buildings, you even insure your car. So why is life insurance and funeral cover taboo when the people affected are those dearest to us?

There is a reason every second ad these days revolves around insurance, and Outsurance certainly dominates the pile with an enviable TV budget. Even if purple and green is not your thing, there’re still many other highly reputable insurers to choose from. Affinity Insurance, Capitec, Liberty, and Hollard are just a few of the insurers that display the perfect balance of professionalism and empathy when you need it most.

We’re not saying it is a discussion you need to have with your children, but it is one you need to have with your significant other. There is no such thing as a perfect life, but there are perfect moments…

It is a very broad term, and it’s not complicated when it’s broken down, but it remains something most of us are uncomfortable thinking about, let alone talking about. We squirm a little when we see the ads on TV – maybe even changing the channel; preferring to laugh at the latest installment of Modern Family.

Whilst we’re not suggesting that is something lighthearted, it brings a sense of security during dark times. It’s quite simply a necessity.



Good Life Insurance


In the above scenario, if Jack hadn’t had the cover, the picture-perfect family could not run about with such carefree frivolity. His wife and young daughter were by his side when he was diagnosed with cancer. They were by his side when he could no longer work. They were the comfort and the strength he needed to make a full recovery.

His insurance, in turn, provided the peace of mind necessary to focus solely on regaining his strength. If the worst happened, he knew his family would be taken care of. This father, and now the grandfather, falling ill is unfortunately not the exception. In fact, Critical illness is non-discriminant and can impact on any family member. It is widespread amongst women in South Africa, with some 60% of female claims being cancer-related.



Good Life Insurance -

This doting mother with the puffy-cheeked cherub sensibly discussed the matter. She and her husband have insurance in place to know that their firstborn (and the one on the way) will always be okay. They easily researched their insurance options with the likes of Affinity, Capitec, and Mutual and Federal via before deciding on their best option, but they don’t spend copious amounts of time thinking about their insurance now. Life goes on, and theirs is filled with sleep training, occasional tantrums, and dreams of the future. is where you can easily compare the top insurance and funeral cover insurance companies. It’s more affordable than you think, and more essential than you think. Get a quote today and then go about living your best, carefree life.