It’s oft been said that the best legal advice costs R130, which is how much Clientele Legal charges their clients for legal cover. For R130 a month, insureds are entitled to 24-hour legal advice and legal services (after an initial three-month waiting period). The legal services available cover civil, criminal and labour matters and up to R130 000 worth of legal services a year. The cover may also include a nominal life insurance benefit (to the value of R1.3 million). A spouse and children under the age of 18 years are also entitled access to the legal cover of the principal member.

Clientele civil legal matters

Civil matters refer to those cases which take place in a civil court. Such issues dealt with by this court include contractual disputes, claims of death and personal injury liability, residential disputes, damage to property, unfair blacklisting and other matters. Unlike some other legal insurance companies, Clientele Legal includes cover for uncontested divorce and claims against insurance companies who repudiate valid claims without good reason.

Clientele criminal legal matters

These obviously pertain to matters dealt with by a criminal court. Should the policyholder be charged with a criminal offense, the matter will be dealt with in such a court. Clientele Legal include cover for reckless and negligent driving, common assault and drinking and driving among other offenses. The cover does not include all criminal offenses. Policyholders must check their policy wording to determine the limits of their cover.

Clientele labour legal matters

Any legal issues arising from work, such as unfair dismissal, salary deductions or CCMA referrals are dealt with by the labour court and are covered by Clientele Legal. Complaints and disputes relating to working conditions are also included under the jurisdiction of the labour court and can be covered by legal insurance.

Clientele legal benefits

On top of the R130 000 in legal cover and 24-hour legal advice, Clientele Legal includes a retrenchment benefit whereby your premiums will be covered for a few months in the event that you are retrenched and unable to afford them. The cover may include accidental death cover.

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