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One of the younger short-term insurance companies in South Africa, Unity Insurance was established in 2004, providing competitive motor, household, business and funeral insurance policies to individuals and enterprises alike. Unlike other big names in short-term insurance, Unity insurance doesn’t go direct, but makes use of insurance brokers.

Unity motor insurance

Unity insurance offers the full range of car insurance products:

  • Comprehensive
  • Third party
  • Third party, fire and theft and
  • Comprehensive off-road vehicle insurance

Other vehicle insurance policies include tyre & rim guard, scratch & dent cover, vehicle warranty and road protect. Unity’s Siyabonga Bonus promises to refund you your first year’s vehicle insurance premiums if you do not claim for four years.

Unity buildings insurance

Unity buildings insurance covers the structure of your home and outbuildings (including driveways, swimming pools, tennis courts etc.), from loss or damage caused by fires, lightning, explosion, earthquakes, and burst geysers or pipes. The cover also makes provision for damage cause by falling aircraft.

Public liability, liability to domestic employees and fire brigade charges are also included in the policy, as Siyabonga Bonus.

Unity home contents insurance

For the movable possessions within your home, Unity provide their home contents insurance policy. Like all insurance policies of this type, the cover must be for the full value of the home contents otherwise the insurer can decide to pay out only a percentage of your home contents insurance claims. This means, if the value of your home contents is R200,000 and you decide to only insure for R100,000, and then claim for your R7,000 television, the insurer will pay out R3,500 as you are only insured for 50 percent of your goods. To calculate the amount to insure your home contents, make a list of goods with their replacement value.

Unity business insurance

While not a specialist business insurer, Unity insurance offers a range of standard insurance policies for professionals, specialists in the medical field, hospitality businesses, retailers, service providers such as plumbers, locksmiths, and electricians, and retailers. For the full list see their website.

Unity funeral insurance

Unity offers funeral policies to help you and four family deal with the high costs of a funeral during the difficult time of dealing with death in the family. Even though funerals are a fact of life most people don’t realise how expensive they can be and, for this reason, it is imperative to take out a funeral insurance policy.

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