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Stangen Insurance

Stangen is committed to providing comprehensive insurance for responsible individuals. The team at Stangen is there to protect and meet the needs of modern individuals with life protection needs through responsible insurance products with service offerings that are thoughtful and helpful. Because you care about your family and they are your responsibility, Stangen’s team share that sentiment with you and offer the right tools that empower you to protect your loved ones.

Stangen Insurance Products

  • Stangen Life Insurance
  • Stangen Salary Protection
  • Stangen Critical Illness Cover
  • Stangen Disability Cover
  • Stangen Commuter Insurance

Stangen Life Insurance

Stangen understands that leaving a legacy for your loved ones is all about vigilant planning. Stangen offers numerous life cover options with many benefits to give you peace of mind. Looking after the future of your family is the responsible thing to do. Extend your life insurance cover to embrace critical illness, disability cover, and salary protection today.

Accelerated Funeral Cover

When you die, your funeral amount will be paid to your beneficiaries within 24 hours, provided that all the relevant information has been received. The balance of the Life Cover will be paid out after a comprehensive investigation has been completed. Depending on your individual risk profile, you may be required to undergo an HIV test.

Stangen Salary Protection

Here’s why taking out Stangen Salary Protection is the smart thing to do. Everyone enjoys a certain standard of living based on their income. Stangen Salary Protection plays an all-important role when it comes to paying your bond, buying food for your family, and paying essential bills (such as school fees) if you become incapable of doing so. Should you become incapacitated through illness or injury and are unable to continue working, payments will kick in three months after you stop working. Stangen Salary Protection will pay 75% of your income after taxes (the amount you earned prior to becoming incapacitated).

Stangen Critical Illness Cover

Adding critical illness cover when buying Stangen Life Insurance will give your loved ones additional security. If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, suffer a stroke or heart attack, or undergo heart surgery and don’t die within the first 30 days of being diagnosed, the Stangen Critical Illness Plan will cover you. It is important to take careful note of the wording in your insurance policy schedule. Your critical illness diagnosis will need to be verified by an appointed Stangen medical team.

Stangen Disability Cover

Expect a single pay-out with the Stangen Disability Cover option. Should you be unable to work in your occupation or similar due to a permanent disability due to injury or illness, the Stangen Disability Plan pays out in full.

Stangen Commuter Insurance

Stangen Commuter Cover pays out if you become disabled or die through any commuter-related accidents if you are a non-professional driver, a passenger, or a pedestrian.

Stangen products have been carefully created with the modern individual and family’s needs in mind. Stangen has considered every aspect of one’s daily existence to ensure consumers enjoy peace of mind. Stangen understands that you want to make wise choices. Use the cover calculator to get an idea of your life insurance requirements.

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