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Stangen Life Insurance

Stangen Life Cover is all about good financial planning and keeping commitments towards your family when you are gone. Making the right choices and looking to the future by extending your insurance cover to include salary protection, and critical illness and disability cover will guarantee peace of mind. With Stangen Life cover, you can now customise your cover to suit your individual requirements.


  • Life Cover
  • Disability Cover
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Salary Protection Cover
  • Commuter Cover
  • Funeral Cover

Stangen Life Cover

  • Up to R10 million paid out to your beneficiaries
  • No waiting period
  • No onerous medical examinations
  • Financial security is guaranteed for your loved ones when you can no longer take care of them
  • Suicide is not covered
  • There may be certain exclusions, depending on your lifestyle and health
  • Life cover only expires on the death of the insured
  • An HIV test could be required depending on the risk profile of the insured


  • An Accelerated Funeral add-on is available for fast payment to the allotted beneficiaries to cover funeral expenses
  • In the event of your death, the funeral cover amount will be paid to the nominated beneficiaries within 24 hours, once a valid claim has been lodged
  • The balance of the life cover amount will be paid after a full claims investigation has been completed

Stangen Disability Cover

  • A single payout will be paid in full to the insured for total and permanent disablement
  • There is no waiting period
  • No medical examinations are required
  • Pre-existing conditions are not covered
  • How you spend your money is up to you – there are no restrictions on how to spend your pay out – the money can be used for anything from adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate the disability, to settling medical bills and school fees
  • Depending on your income you can get disability cover from R100,000 to R10 million
  • Disability Cover expires when you turn 65, if you retire (by the age of 65) or when you die prior to turning 65

Stangen Critical Illness Cover

  • A lump sum is paid out if you suffer a heart attack or stroke, undergo heart surgery, or are diagnosed with cancer
  • All diagnoses need to be confirmed by an appointed Stangen medical team
  • Critical illness can be covered in an amount of R100,000 to R5 million
  • Critical illness cover expires at 65 years of age

Stangen Salary Protection

  • If you are unable to work as a result of being disabled, injured, or becoming ill, the Stangen Salary Protection plan will pay a monthly income which will start three months after your last salary
  • The amount will be limited to 75% of your income after taxes
  • Your ability to work will be assessed after a 12-month period

Stangen Commuter Cover

  • The insured can get up to R50,000 funeral cover
  • An amount of up to R50,000 ICU cover will be paid out
  • Payouts of up to R500,000 disability cover are paid out
  • The insured can get up to R500,000 death cover

Stangen Funeral Cover

  • You can get up to R50,000 funeral cover for you and your loved ones (no medical tests are required)
  • You can get from R100,000 up to R10 million cover for yourself (medical tests are required for this cover)

Stangen Life insurance products enable South African citizens to make wise financial choices with a range of comprehensive plans that will take care of all of life’s eventualities.

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