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Sanlam Car Insurance

Sanlam offers car and home insurance which will give consumers peace of mind.

When belongings are lost or damaged through a wide range of eventualities, it is important to have the right insurance with an insurance service provider with a good reputation. This is perhaps the best way to minimise the financial impact when something goes wrong. To ensure that all the consumer’s needs are met, a review of short-term requirements will be noted.

Sanlam car insurance offers three different plans for car insurance cover.

Sanlam car insurance products:

The three different car insurance products from Sanlam include:

  1. Sanlam Comprehensive Car Insurance – this cover includes all damages or injuries to the insured as well as claims against the insured by a third party
  2. Sanlam Limited Car Insurance – this includes third party, fire and theft, but not accidental damage to your car should you be involved in an accident
  3. Sanlam Third Party Cover – this will cover all claims from a third party for damages incurred to their vehicle or person or other third-party claims


  • Sanlam offers a rewards programme – Sanlam Reality. This rewards programme is on offer to all Sanlam clients and members of the Bonitas Medical Fund, Fedhealth Medical Aid, Barloworld Medical Scheme and Nedgroup Medical Aid Schemes
  • The benefits of the rewards programme are numerous
  • Consumers can enjoy special discounts on all Sanlam products and save money on entertainment, wellness, travel and entertainment
  • Furthermore, Sanlam Reality will take care of your money. Simply ask a financial planner how you can benefit

Why choose Sanlam Insurance car cover:

  • You can choose to insure your vehicle at either retail value or market value, which will dictate how much your premiums will cost. Retail value is the purchase price of your vehicle from the dealer. If your car is insured at retail value your monthly premium will be higher
  • Insuring your vehicle at market value, which is the average of retail value and trade value (trade value is the price a second-hand car dealer is willing to pay when you trade in your vehicle) you will pay a lower premium, but you might not be able to buy the same or similar car

Sanlam Car insurance offers three plans to choose from. It is important to ensure you are covered should your vehicle get stolen, hijacked or damaged by being involved in an accident.

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