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Sanlam Insurance


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Sanlam Insurance in South Africa

Trusted and tried, Sanlam has been around for over a hundred years offering South Africans long-term and short-term insurance cover.

Sanlam is a registered financial services provider established in 1918 in South Africa. They offer a comprehensive range of insurance products that have grown with the company for over 100 years. Sanlam is considered an expert in specialised insurance products and short-term or long-term cover for every need imaginable.

Their long years of serving Southern Africa mean they have the experience and contacts to benefit their customers. The Sanlam experience is designed to be easy and beneficial to you. Allow Sanlam to help plan for your future financial security.

Who Owns Sanlam Insurance?

Sanlam Life Insurance Limited is a public company listed on the JSE and owned by a board of South African members. It was one of the early companies to adopt BBB-EE transformation at the highest levels.

How Does Sanlam Insurance Work?

Customers can choose from a wide range of cover options. Once you have chosen your type of cover, you sign the policy documents, as does the insurer. They agree to provide cover payouts for insured events listed in the policy documents, and in return the insured entity or person agrees to pay a monthly premium.

The cover amounts paid out will depend on the event itself and the level of cover you choose. You can get cover from R500, depending on what you’re insuring. You can get instant cover, once-off cover, or continuous cover. Again, these depend on the type of cover you want.

When an insured event happens, the insured person or entity claims from the insurer. Payment of the claim amount should happen within the timeframe set out in the policy or contract documents. If your claim doesn’t satisfy the terms and exclusions in the contract, your claim may be rejected.

What Types of Cover Does Sanlam Offer?

Small business owners, large enterprises, specialised industries, and those in need of personal cover can find the type of cover they need with Sanlam. You can get cover for your personal affairs, for your business, and for other institutions and specialised industries.

The type of cover and financial services needed will vary, but Sanlam has a large range of services and products to benefit you. These include short-term cover for funeral costs, life cover, critical illness and disability cover, car cover, home contents cover, buildings cover, business cover, business interruption cover, stock-in-transit cover, credit cover, and much more.

Sanlam Life Insurance and Personal Cover

If you’re in need of financial services for your family or personal life, look no further. You can get medical cover, gap cover, funeral cover, income protection, medical aid, cover for household possessions, and other types of short-term insurance at Sanlam.

Should you be unsure about what kind of cover will benefit your family, you can speak to a Sanlam financial advisor. Other products on offer include disability cover, severe illness cover, Go cover, credit life cover, and health solutions. If you are worried that the death of the breadwinner in the family could spell disaster for your family, you can purchase life insurance from Sanlam.

Sanlam Life Cover Benefits

In South Africa, the assurance industry is very competitive, resulting in life cover that varies greatly and comes with a variety of benefits. Sanlam’s unique offering provides maximum flexibility for the insured, to ensure the plan they choose meets their needs. You can get flexible premiums, immediate cover, and a free built-in wealth bonus, depending on which option of life and disability insurance you choose.

Whether you want a death benefit for yourself or extended family, Sanlam can help alleviate the financial burden once the insured has passed away. In the event of death of the insured, your cover payouts can safeguard your family’s financial resilience even when you are gone. It’s a great idea to view the cover benefit details in your policy documents before finalising your purchase or on the Sanlam cover app.

Sanlam Business Cover

Are you looking for financial solutions to safeguard your company’s future? Sanlam is the ideal partner to helping with everything from short-term insurance to a financial planner. You can get life insurance business plans and Sanlam general insurance for your business. Insure everything from your assets to stock-in-transit and the accidental death of key persons.

Your business insurance policies from Sanlam form part of your portfolio as a means of protecting it from common risks. You can get key person cover, business debt cover, asset protection, and commercial insurance for the following:

  • Buildings and Office Contents
  • Fire, Theft, and Accidental Damage
  • Business Interruption
  • Money
  • Glass
  • Deterioration of Stock
  • All-Risk Business
  • Theft by Employees
  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Personal Accident
  • Fleet or Vehicles
  • Goods-in-Transit
  • Electronic Equipment
  • Machinery Breakdown

How Can Sanlam Help Me Financially?

Sanlam provides innovative tools and calculators that can help you plan for your financial future without a struggle. Figure out how to best prepare for unexpected future challenges or how to reach financial goals with these tools, or you can speak to a Sanlam financial adviser.

How to Join Sanlam?

Take some time today to start building a financial future with Sanlam. You can get Sanlam Quotes online to compare your options with what other insurers are offering. Start now by filling in the form at the top of this page to get an insurance quote for your needs.

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