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Sanlam Insurance


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Everything you need to know about Sanlam Insurance

Established in 1918, Sanlam is a dynamic registered financial services provider, and true to their roots, they offer insurance products that have grown with the company. Sanlam is considered an expert in specialised insurance products and insurance for every need imaginable. Their long years of serving Southern Africa mean they have the experience and contacts that can benefit their customers.

The Sanlam experience is designed to be easy and beneficial to you. Allow Sanlam to help plan for your future financial security. Small business owners, large enterprises, specialised industries, and those in need of personal insurance can find the type of cover they need with Sanlam.

How can Sanlam help me financially?

Sanlam provides innovative tools and calculators that can help you plan for your financial future without a struggle. Figure out how to best prepare for unexpected future challenges or how to reach financial goals with these tools, or you can speak to a Sanlam financial advisor.

What kind of insurance does Sanlam offer?

You can get insurance for your personal affairs, for your business, and for other institutions and specialised industries. The type of insurance and financial services needed will vary, but Sanlam has a large range of services and products to benefit you.

Sanlam’s Personal Insurance Services

If you’re in need of financial services for your family or personal life, look no further. You can get medical cover, gap cover, funeral cover, income protection, medical aid, and short-term insurance. Should you be unsure about what kind of insurance will benefit your family, you can speak to a Sanlam financial advisor.

Can Sanlam help me insure my business?

The Sanlam range of financial offerings can greatly benefit SMEs. Speak to a Sanlam financial advisor about business operations, business continuity, and risk management. They can offer advice and assistance in assuring employee wellbeing and assisting with business start-ups.

Find out what you need to know before getting started and allow their advisors to help you create the best possible business plan. The Sanlam business tools on offer are created to open the business world to those looking to grow or start something new.

Sanlam offers a financial fitness analysis and help with creating a business plan along with other practical tools to aid in your business success. Their services for businesses and small to medium enterprises includes insurance offerings like group risk benefits and medical scheme options. Sanlam can help businesses administrate their retirement funds and offers protection-focused insurance and investment solutions.

A future with Sanlam

Discover the in-depth benefits and products from Sanlam that can help grow and secure your business. You will find focused solutions for every aspect of managing a business or securing the financial future of your family. You will get access to a step-by-step online process along with the use of tools to help assess your risk cover needs. You can access the Sanlam financial tools anytime and anywhere.

Take some time today to start building a financial future with Sanlam.

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