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SA Warranties Motor Warranty

It makes little difference whether you buy new or you buy pre-owned when it comes to motor vehicles – you need to ensure that expensive repairs do not sink you.

But for the most of us we don’t understand the difference between a motor warranty and service plan, plus we are under the impression that if the car we invest in is not a brand new vehicle then it won’t be covered by a motor warranty.

SA Warranties Motor Warranty has much to offer consumers – this is what you will get and what you can expect.

When you buy a new car:

  • In most instance your new vehicle will come with a factory warranty.
  • The factory warranty is usually quite limiting and restrictive – this all depends on age and how many kms have been clocked up.
  • All depending, the certified warranty will extend all the benefits from the manufacturer’s warranty – these will either be for a three year period or an additional 100 000 kms.
  • Nice to know is that if the original manufacturer covered it so will the some insurance companies, like SA Warranties Motor Warranty.
  • Once client’s request a quote a detailed contract will be sent to you; alternatively speak to a consultant directly.

Previously-owned vehicles will also enjoy benefits offered by SA Warranties Motor Warranty:

  • Pre-owned vehicles also deserve to have a proper motor warranty in place. SA Warranties Motor Warranty will offer you benefits that will ensure you are not left out of pocket when faced with expensive car repairs.
  • The best part of all is that a full complement of components are covered – these include electrical to mechanical.
  • On offer are warranty product that will fit a variety of needs and wants, budgets and pockets – all created to ensure you enjoy years of excellent motoring.

What is a Service Plan and how does it work?

Service plans are created for just that purpose – to service your car. Therefore for any future costs that are incurred when servicing your car you won’t be caught short and out of pocket.

Service your car properly and keep it in peak health at all times with a service plan – especially applicable should your vehicle not be subjected to a warranty.

If you have ever owned a car, bought a second-hand vehicle – the resale of the vehicle is always dependent on a full service history being in place.

Your Maintenance Plan… 

SA Warranties Motor Warranty Maintenance Plan is a brilliant hassle free option which will cover you for all future servicing as well as breakdown expenses – all you need to do is to stipulate the period of cover as well as the kms you have clocked up.

Wear and tear, mechanical failure and services are covered with this option.

For perfect peace of mind choose one of the convenient and cost-effective products that your SA Warranties Motor Warranty has to offer.

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