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PSG Liability & Accident Insurance

Protect Yourself with PSG Liability and Accident Insurance

Protecting yourself against the losses and damages incurred through liability in the work environment, injury to third parties, negligence and malpractice is all-important as these eventualities can all have a crippling effect on those that run a business or own a home, building, and shopping centre; run a law or accounting practice or are medical professionals responsible for the health of others.

Everyone makes mistakes – but making mistakes should not be all-encompassing and debilitating to the extent that one’s livelihood is in danger of being ruined beyond repair. That is the very reason why you should protect yourself with PSG Liability and Accident Insurance to ensure you have a safety net no matter what happens.

PSG Liability and Accident Insurance:

  • There are numerous reasons why it makes good sense to take out Liability and Accident Insurance with PSG.
  • Because PSG has a good track record covering numerous financial issues for clients from all walks of life for decades, it is a good point of entry to choose a liability and accidental insurance company of this high calibre.
  • PSG will offer you insurance tailored not only to your pocket, but one that is custom-made to suit your individual circumstances and needs.
  • You need other short-term insurance with PSG to qualify for Personal Liability or Accident Cover
  • All you need to do is to send your contact details and an adviser from PSG will get back to you.

Because PSG offers you a variety of options you are able to take out the right insurance for claims that are made against you by others.

PSG Liability Insurance:

  • PSG Liability and Accident Insurance has been created to protect both businesses and individuals from risks that occur when they are sued and held legally responsible for eventualities including injuries, malpractice or negligence.
  • PSG has been designed to cover any litigation costs as well as pay-outs that the insured is found to be legally responsible for should he or she be found legally liable.
  • As a general rule of thumb, intentional damages and liabilities are usually not covered by your liability insurance.
  • Typically lawyers, doctors and manufacturers need PSG Liability Insurance.

PSG Accidental Insurance, on the other hand is insurance cover when people are injured or even die due to an accident – this insurance cover does not usually cover acts of negligence.

If you run a business, own a building, run a professional law or medical practice – all these and other situations can expose you to liability. Don’t be caught short – instead take out PSG Liability and Accident Insurance for perfect peace of mind.

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