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Liquid Capital Extended Motor Warranty

Liquid Capital Extended Motor Warranty will protect motorists against mechanical as well as electrical failure.

For those of us that are not familiar with this type of insurance – here is an explanation describing what an Extended Warranty is and what it does:

Put simply, an Extended Warranty is a type of insurance cover that will ensure your vehicle is protected from mechanical and electrical failure once the warranty from the manufacturer of your car has expired.

The Extended Warranty will kick in once the original warranty comes to an end.

This Extended Warranty will then run over a set period of time or alternatively it will run for a set number of kms that are driven – this depends entirely on which one comes first.

The Liquid Capital Extended Motor Warranty has been designed particularly for South African motorists.

Why do motorists choose an Extended Warranty?

  • Car repairs can add up and in most instances could cost a tidy sum.
  • With an Extended Motor Warranty in place, you can now be covered for mechanical issues which are not insured by a Maintenance Plan or a Service Plan. A good example is when you experience gearbox problems or should your engine fail – both very expensive repairs.
  • Warranties can be transferred – if you sell your car and your Liquid Capital Extended Motor Warranty has not expired, the new owner can take this cover over, which can and will add quite substantially to the value of the sale of your car.

When taking out an Extended Warranty, T & C’s apply:

  • You need to produce an up-to-date service history from an approved motor workshop or dealer.
  • Warranty work cannot be done by the corner chop-shop – only an approved dealers’ work will be accepted.
  • As with most things in life – age will determine the cover offered as will the kms clocked up on your vehicle.

The Maintenance Plan, on the other hand, will cover the service on your car as well as labour and parts that fail through general wear and tear.

Take care of your vehicle, have it serviced regularly and ensure that every single one of your services are recorded in your all-important service book as this will determine the price you get for your car should you choose to sell your vehicle in the future.

Once the original motor warranty from the manufacturer expires, it is encouraging to learn that your Liquid Capital Extended Motor Warranty will give you added peace of mind and take care of mechanical and electrical failures, thus saving you a tidy sum.

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