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Liberty Car Insurance

Liberty, underwritten by Standard Insurance Limited, has been the trusted financial services provider for over 3.2 million people right across the continent of Africa for the past sixty years, and are now offering vital short-term cover at affordable premiums. Liberty Car insurance, one of South Africa’s leading insurance companies, is now presenting policies and products of high quality to drivers of all ages.

Policyholders are now able to enjoy a plethora benefits:


  • Safe Driver Discount Safe driving is rewarded. Should motorists pass the Digital Driving Test, a Safe Driver discount will be awarded. It’s not complicated; simply download the App and start the test at any time during the quotation process or once you have insurance cover.
  • Earn Uber Vouchers Additional rewards will be offered for taking part in the Driver Coaching programme. An amount of R100 will be deposited into your Uber account every three months for safe driving. A minimum of 500km mileage has to be collated over the three-month period for the Uber benefit to kick in.
  • Roadside Emergency Services All vehicle emergencies are covered with Liberty Car insurance cover. These include:
    • Battery
    • Tyres
    • Keys
    • Fuel
    • Towing-related incidents – your vehicle will be towed to a repair centre
    • Transport will be arranged for you back home
    • Overnight accommodation will be arranged wherever necessary

**Terms and conditions will apply**

  • Medical Emergency ServicesA team of dedicated professionals is on standby to assist with advice and medical emergencies. In crisis situations, medical operators are available to arrange support for you, your family and domestic workers. These will include, for example, coordinating emergency transportation from your home to the closest medical facility.
  • 24 Hours 7 Days a Week AccessThe friendly, professional ChatBot is on-call to assist with all short-term insurance requirements anywhere, anytime. Chat via Facebook Messenger or via the web portal. You will be able to obtain quotes, lodge claims, manage your insurance schedule and access emergency assistance easily.
  • Road Accident Fund Assistance Lodging a claim with the Road Accident Fund can be intimidating. Liberty Car insurance will be able to set you up with a specialist who will help with the entire process at no extra cost.
    • Plumbing
    • Electrical
    • Roof
    • Locksmith
    • Tree-feller
    • Bee Removal/ bee specialists
    • Pest control
    • Security-system related home emergenciesHome Emergency Services – Liberty vehicle insurance will cover you for home emergency services ranging from burst pipes to locking yourself out of your home. The call-out fee will be covered as well as the first hour’s labour. The following emergencies are covered;

Why use Liberty Car Insurance?

Liberty is bringing the future into the present with their innovative car insurance offering which is fresh, easy and transparent cover. Liberty has now introduced the Liberty Short-Term Bot which is a professional option assisting clients with a 24/7 App assisting policyholders 24/7.

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