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Liberty Car Insurance

Curious about Liberty Car Insurance? Let’s delve into the insurance products they offer to drivers in South Africa.

Who is Liberty Car Insurance?

Liberty, underwritten by Standard Insurance Limited, has been a trusted financial services provider for over 60 years in South Africa. Now, they offer affordable short-term car insurance that include comprehensive cover as well as other types of insurance policies to suit different needs.

What Are the Benefits of Liberty Car Insurance?

Liberty Car Insurance provides a range of benefits that go beyond just affordable premiums, ensuring that policyholders receive comprehensive and valuable coverage. Some of the key advantages include:

Safe Driver Discount

The Safe Driver Discount is a modern approach to encourage safe driving practices and reduce insurance premiums. To qualify, download the insurance company’s mobile app and take the Digital Driving Test. This test assesses various aspects of safe driving, such as obeying speed limits and maintaining safe following distances. The flexible timing allows you to take the test during the quotation process or after securing your insurance policy.

Successfully completing the Digital Driving Test not only provides feedback on your driving habits but also earns you a discount on your insurance premiums. This initiative reflects the growing trend of using technology to promote road safety and reward responsible drivers, benefiting both policyholders and the larger community by reducing accidents and fostering safer road behavior. So, consider taking the Digital Driving Test to enjoy the advantages of the Safe Driver Discount, a win-win solution for safe driving and financial savings.

Earn Uber Vouchers

Participate in the Driver Coaching programme to receive additional rewards. Safe drivers receive a cash incentive deposited into their Uber account every three months. To qualify, you must accumulate a minimum of 500km during the three-month period.

Roadside Emergency Services

Liberty Car Insurance covers various vehicle emergencies, including battery issues, tire problems, lost keys, fuel shortages, and towing-related incidents. In addition to roadside assistance, they arrange transportation and overnight accommodation if necessary.

Medical Emergency Services

Need emergency assistance while on the go? In crisis situations, the insurance company provides a team of professionals to assist with medical emergencies. They can arrange support for you, your family, and domestic workers in South Africa.

24/7 Access

Liberty Insurance offers a 24/7 ChatBot that assists with short-term insurance needs. You can chat via Facebook Messenger or the web portal to get quotes, lodge claims, manage your insurance, and access emergency assistance.

Road Accident Fund Assistance

Liberty Car Insurance can set you up with a specialist to help with lodging a claim with the Road Accident Fund at no extra cost. This is just one of the reasons why South Africa sees the insurance provider as one of the best.

Home Emergency Services

Coverage includes home emergency services like burst pipes, lockouts, and more. The call-out fee and the first hour’s labour are covered when you need emergency assistance.

Why Choose Liberty Car Insurance?

Choosing Liberty Car Insurance is a decision driven by their commitment to innovation and customer convenience. Liberty Insurance stands out for its dedication to making car insurance a seamless and transparent experience for policyholders.

Liberty Insurance understands that modern life can be hectic, and their approach is all about simplifying the car insurance process. Their app, which features the Liberty Short-Term Bot, provides policyholders with the convenience of accessing information and assistance whenever and wherever they need it. No more waiting on hold or adhering to traditional office hours – Liberty Car Insurance puts the power of control directly into the hands of their customers.

Transparency is Key

Liberty Car Insurance doesn’t believe in hidden terms or complicated jargon. They prioritise transparency, ensuring that policyholders have a clear understanding of their coverage and benefits. This commitment to transparency allows you to make informed decisions about your car insurance, so you always know what to expect.

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