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Hollard Household Insurance

Protect What Is Yours with Hollard Household Insurance

When insuring the contents of your home, you need to take out insurance at the replacement value. Comprehensive household insurance is not a want but an absolute must.

Why take unnecessary risks if you don’t have to? After all, we all find that paying for our insurance every month a “grudge” purchase, yet when we are faced with real problems such as natural disasters (note the weather patterns are fast-changing) or something as unpleasant as being burgled, we then thank our lucky stars for having the kind of insurance that Hollard Household Insurance offers which will save the day.

We all work really hard to afford those wonderful things in life – whether these include the new state-of-the-art TV’s or the latest in technology from iPhones to Computers – we feel the loss most keenly when we lose these very expensive and valuable items when they are lost to us.

That is why Hollard Household Insurance has come up with smart comprehensive insurance that will ensure that you are covered for all eventualities.

The secret with home insurance is to ensure you have enough insurance as a safety measure so that you are able to replace all those goods at the replacement value of your insured items and not the original cost of the bits and pieces that you paid for originally.

Here are a couple handy tips regarding valuing the items of your household contents:

  • Ensure that you update your household items and your insurance annually. The cost of living is on the rise, and items ranging from fridges to couches are on the up and up – ensure you update your insurance schedule on a regular basis; most insurance companies recommend you do so on an annual basis.
  • Did you know that Hollard Household Insurance keeps up with inflation and that your household insurance is kept up to speed regarding this aspect of our lives?
  • You can now lower your premiums by installing better security – investigate these options to ensure lower costs.

Hollard Household Insurance is hip hop and happening – if you are keen to take out insurance to cover all your household items at today’s replacement value, ensure you contact Hollard Insurance to find out more.

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