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Hollard Funeral Cover

If you have ever had the experience of someone really close to you dying, you will soon learn that more often than not assets and bank accounts could be frozen and inaccessible until the estate has been wound up.

This could prove to be somewhat problematic, especially if you are relying on that money to pay for the funeral, which could cost anything from R10 000 upwards.

Most of us simply don’t have that kind of cash lying around and as times are becoming more and more difficult and belts being pulled in tighter every day, South Africans need to start thinking out of the box by making alternative, smarter plans.

Insurance cover in the event of your death and funeral plans are important, too.

Here are seven reasons for selecting Hollard Funeral Cover:

  • A lump sum is paid out on the demise of the insured which means that even if bank accounts and assets are frozen the funeral will go ahead come what may.
  • With Hollard Funeral Cover a dignified funeral is guaranteed.
  • Funerals ranging from R10 000 to R50 000 are available – this depends on how much your premiums are and what type of plan you decide to take out.
  • Legitimate claims are paid out within 48 hours – this is dependent on whether all the pertinent documentation has been submitted or not.
  • Obtaining a quote is easy and fuss-free – simply fill out our user-friendly form online.
  • Should the insured die through accidental death and provided that a first premium has been received, there will be immediate cover.
  • Anyone between the ages of 18 and 75 will be covered by Hollard Funeral Cover provided they are South African citizens or legal permanent residents.

Hollard Funeral Cover is affordable, there are no medical examinations required and payment is immediate for legitimate claims – it should therefore be a no-brainer taking out this very necessary insurance to guarantee your family will be offered a stress-free grieving period.

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