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Econorisk Insurance

Are you considering Econorisk for your short-term insurance and risk advisory needs? Let’s explore how they can make a difference for you and your business.

What is Econorisk?

Econorisk, a division of Discovery Ltd, is a renowned financial services company operating in various sectors, including short-term insurance, long-term insurance, savings, investments, healthcare, and banking. The insurance arm of one of South Africa’s leading insurers, Econorisk, is well-known for its expertise and collective insight in managing risks.

How Can Econorisk Benefit Your Business?

Econorisk aims to provide adaptable risk management solutions for your company. Their products are designed to evolve with your business’s growth and changes. With deep industry knowledge in areas such as commercial, personal, and more, Econorisk offers a comprehensive range of flexible solutions.

Econorisk Corporate and Commercial Insurance

The insurance company caters to all South African-based industry segments, from SMEs to corporate enterprises, including international subsidiaries. They offer insurance for buildings, office contents, accidental damage, fire, theft, business interruption, goods in transit, company motor vehicles, public liability, employment practices, and more. Their Heavy Commercial Vehicle Insurance policy comes with fleet management tools and a tailor-made healthcare plan for your drivers.

Whatever your business insurance needs, Econorisk provides customised solutions and reliable insurance.

Econorisk Personal Insurance

For personal assets, Econorisk offers coverage for household contents, homeowners’ buildings, personal liability, accidents, and all-risk insurance. They also provide insurance options for motor vehicles and watercraft.

Econorisk Specialist & Niche Products

The insurance company has strong relationships with leading insurers, allowing them to offer tailored solutions for specialised or niche risk needs. Their marine risk coverage includes Marine Cargo, Marine Hull, Stock Throughput, Marine Liabilities, and Advanced Loss of Profits. Econorisk also covers risks like deterioration of stock, contractor’s all risk, machinery breakdown, and more.

They offer insurance for credit and political risks, performance guarantee insurance as an alternative to bank-issued guarantees, and specialized liability coverage, including defamation, libel, slander, director and officer liability, extortion, kidnapping, ransom, financial loss, product recalls, product guarantees, professional indemnity, and pollution.

Is Their Claims Process Simple?

Econorisk understands that the true value of insurance is tested during claims. They have an internally managed claims team dedicated to ensuring that clients’ claims are treated with care and not just as a number. Clients have access to trusted claims service consultants who guide them through the entire claims process. Econorisk combines advanced technology, streamlined processes, and industry expertise to ensure fast and efficient claim settlements without delays or corporate bureaucracy.

Why Partner with Econorisk?

Econorisk’s approach is rooted in long-term strategies that manage volatility and minimise surprises. They believe that insurance is not just a necessary expense but a vital means of safeguarding your assets and the future of your business. Don’t leave anything to chance; partner with Econorisk to secure your business’s success.

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