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Different Life Insurance

Different Life is a financial service provider underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited. You can buy their products online or via the Different Life Insurance call centre. Different Life Insurance is making a difference. All Different customers have an opportunity to join and to donate their very first premium to a charity. Different Life is life insurance that gives you more than insurance cover; it gives you a way to give back. Different Life Insurance offers several products, including life insurance, salary protection, critical illness, and disability cover, providing the security you need no matter what life stage you are at.

Products on offer by Different Life Insurance

  • Life Cover
  • Salary Protection
  • Critical Illness Cover
  • Disability Cover
  • Accidental Products

Life Cover

Your beneficiaries can use the payout from your Different Life Insurance policy any way they choose. Different Life Insurance cover can be used for settling personal or family debts debts, medical bills, or tertiary education and school fees, to name a few.

Different Salary Protection

Different Salary Protection will pay you the cover amount on a monthly basis while you are not able to work in the same capacity as before for more than three consecutive months as a result of a disability.

Different Salary Protection Benefits

  • Different Salary Protection pays you a monthly income if you are disabled through illness or injury and are unable to work
  • Payments begin after you have been off work for 3 months
  • Payment is limited to 75% of your income after tax as it is immediately before you became incapacitated
  • For the first 12 months, Different Salary Protection will review your specified occupation
  • Once the first 12 months have passed, Different assesses your situation and looks at alternative occupations in which you could work, and to which you are suited by skill, education, and training
  • On confirmation of disability, your monthly benefit will be payable until you recover, turn 65, or die, whichever comes first
  • Salary Protection claims are evaluated on behalf of OMART (Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited) by Different Life’s medical team using industry best practices

Critical Illness Cover

Critical Illness Cover pays you the full cover amount if you are diagnosed with a critical illness, suffer from a stroke or heart attack, undergo heart surgery, or are diagnosed with cancer as defined and confirmed by a Different Life medical officer using industry best practices.

Different Disability Cover

Disability Cover pays out the cover amount in full if you are permanently unable to perform your insured occupation or any similar occupation to which you are suited by skill, education, and training.

You Can Use Your Different Disability Cover as You Please – Some of These Include:

  • Settling outstanding monies
  • Pay for medical bills and other outstanding fees
  • Adjust your home or car to accommodate your disability
  • Invest your money for future expenses

Different Accidental Products

Should you not qualify for the Different Life Cover, Different Disability Cover, or the Different Salary Protection products, you still have the alternative of purchasing the Accident-Only options on these products. These products include Accidental Death Cover, Accidental Disability Cover, or Accidental Salary Protection. This means that accidental products will cover you only for claims arising from accidental injuries. Should you not qualify for the Different Critical Illness Cover, you may be eligible for the Cancer-Only Critical Illness Cover, where you’ll only be insured for cancer.

Different Life Insurance products offer life insurance that is simple, inexpensive, and effective. Different uses a unique online platform, offering life insurance products with a difference by taking full advantage of technology. Different enables all South Africans the opportunity to get a comprehensive range of insurance products with just a few clicks. From getting a quote to purchasing a policy, the whole process is simple and easy.

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