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LiquidCover is a one-stop shop for all your car insurance needs, providing service plans, maintenance plans, extended warranties, roadside assistance and car cover. All you have to do is fill in their online form and one of their knowledgeable agents will give you a call to discuss your options.

LiquidCover service plan

A service plan covers your vehicle’s service costs for the policy’s duration and is extremely important for your car’s upkeep. Once your warranty has expired, you still need to ensure that you have some sort of service plan for scheduled maintenance in place. A service plan expires either after a set time period or number of kilometres has been reached.

LiquidCover maintenance plan

More than a service plan, a maintenance plan covers scheduled services as well as unscheduled maintenance. The plan, like the service plan, runs for a set number of kilometres or time period. This cover includes service items (such as air filters, fuel filters, oil filters, spark plugs and lubricants) as well as wear and tear on the clutch, exhaust, globes, fuses, brake pads, brake discs, shock absorbers, v-belts and wiper blades.

LiquidCover extended warranty

An extended warranty covers the electrical and mechanical breakdown of certain listed components. Warranties are given to owners after they purchase a new vehicle, covering it in the event of manufacturer default. Extended warranties can be bought for vehicles after their original warranty expires. LiquidCover offers warranties for light commercial vehicles, warranty boosters for selected vehicle brands and extended warranties for passenger vehicles.

LiquidCover roadside assistance

Roadside assistance provides towing, fuel, jump-start and locksmith services if your car breaks down on the side of the road. The cover also includes overnight accommodation in the event that your car breaks down far away from home. The roadside assistance is available as a three or five year plan and limited to five call-outs per 12-month cycle.

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