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Capitec Funeral

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Funeral Cover


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Capitec Funeral

Capitec’s Funeral Plan is underwritten by Centriq Life Insurance Co. Limited. The plan is personalised to suit your individual needs.


  • Capitec Funeral Cover Plan

Benefits of the Capitec Funeral Cover Plan

  • Get lower premiums by using the Capitec Bank app
  • One plan with more cover made up by combining a high cover amount with the number of lives insured
  • Get cover for up to 21 dependents—one spouse and up to 4 parents, 8 children, and 8 extended family members on one plan
  • Personalise your plan—tell Capitec how many people you would like to cover and Capitec will calculate the premium
  • Alternatively, tell Capitec how much you can afford, and they will calculate the optimal cover for you
  • There are no surprises or decisions made without your knowledge, therefore, there will be no automatic premium increases
  • Should premiums increase, you will be informed in writing at least 30 days prior
  • Your premiums will increase if there are any changes made to your plan such as increasing your funeral cover or adding beneficiaries (subject to terms and conditions)
  • The claims process is straightforward and easy to do through the Capitec 24-hour Client Care Centre. Simply email the necessary documentation
  • Waiting period waiver
  • Should you switch from a funeral policy with another registered financial service provider and the waiting period is over, Capitec will waive your waiting period for natural death for the same life assured and related cover amounts that existed in your previous policy
  • For accidental death, there is no waiting period
  • There is an immediate double accidental death benefit (for children this is limited to the maximum cover amounts as prescribed by law)
  • Pause your premium for up to six months without any monthly premium payments and with no cover. This benefit has a waiting period of 24 months. You can restart your plan any time in the 6-month period to reactivate your cover and premium, and you get the same full benefits of your plan
  • Newborn Premium Waiver—this is how Capitec celebrates with their clients. You will get full cover for up to 6 months without any monthly premium payments when you provide an unabridged birth certificate within 3 months of the birth or adoption of a baby. This benefit has a waiting period of 12 months and can be applied for on an unlimited basis (subject to 12 month waiting period over the term of the policy)
  • Burial Repatriation covers the transport of the body of a life insured from within South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Lesotho, Botswana and Mozambique to a funeral home of choice closest to the place of burial in South Africa. It also includes transportation arrangements and overnight accommodation for one family member accompanying the deceased
  • Death Premium Waiver—if the policyholder dies 12 months after the inception of the policy, the dependants stipulated on the schedule will keep receiving full cover for the next 6 months at no charge. The Death Premium Waiver is automatically activated upon the registration of the policyholder’s death. Legal maximum child cover is restricted by legislation (if the child cover of the policy reaches the maximum amounts Capitec Funeral cover will restrict the payout amount to the maximum amount allowed)

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What some of

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