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Capitec Insurance

Capitec Bank has added insurance to its already excellent offering of financial service products by adding an excellent and unique funeral product. The Capitec Funeral Plan underwritten by Centriq Life Insurance Company Limited is said to be the most cost-effective and flexible offering of its kind in South Africa.

Capitec has done it again, designing Funeral Insurance that is the simplest, most affordable, and easiest to use—it is straightforward and transparent. The Capitec Funeral Plan ensures clients have speedy access to funds when a loved one dies, plus there is great flexibility in the number of dependents you can include in a single policy.

Capitec Bank Insurance Products

  • Funeral Plan
  • Credit Insurance

Why Use Capitec Bank for Your Funeral Insurance Cover?

  • The process is paperless
  • Claims are paid out within a remarkable FOUR HOURS (provided all documentation is in order)
  • There is cover for up to 22 lives on a single policy
  • The funeral plan is unique in the features it offers
  • Get funeral cover from R10,000 to R100,000
  • The Capitec Funeral Plan permits clients to personalise their cover to suit their individual needs
  • Managing Capitec Funeral Policies is easy when using their mobile app
  • Existing Capitec clients can activate the funeral plan in a branch or on the app
  • Policies start from as little as R25 a month when using the Capitec app
  • Policies are R40 a month when applying inside a Capitec branch
  • All policies feature no automatic annual premium increases if the cover stays the same
  • There is no waiting period for clients switching from another insurer to Capitec Insure
  • If there is a natural death within the first six months of a policy, the waiting period will be waived for the same lives and cover amounts as the cancelled policy

Further Benefits

  • Newborn Premium Waiver
  • Double Accidental Death Benefit
  • Death Premium Waiver
  • Voluntary Policy Pause

Capitec Credit Insurance

Capitec Credit Insurance is required for credit terms from seven months and longer. This covers death, permanent disability, temporary disability, unemployment, or the inability to earn income as a result of retrenchment. This insurance product is underwritten by Guardrisk, but consumers can provide Capitec with an alternate policy of their choice provided it fits in the specified requirements.

Stay in control of your money by choosing funeral cover that suits you. Capitec will calculate the premium. You can also choose a premium that suits your budget and Capitec will calculate the monthly amount, putting you in charge of your money.

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