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AVBOB Insurance?

AVBOB’s mission is affordable funeral insurance with a customer-centric approach, dedicated to supporting you in tough times. Find out more about their offerings…

What is AVBOB Insurance?

AVBOB Group, established in 1918, is South Africa’s largest Mutual Society, specialising in comprehensive funeral insurance services and burial solutions. Originally a burial society, AVBOB has evolved to provide dignified funerals and comprehensive funeral plans. With over 180 outlets, 132 insurance offices, and a manufacturing plant, AVBOB offers an extensive national infrastructure to support South Africans.


How Do They Make Funerals Affordable and Dignified?

AVBOB’s mission is to ensure all South Africans have access to affordable insurance products for a dignified burial. With a customer-centric approach and an unwavering commitment to excellence, AVBOB funeral service strives to be there for policy holders during challenging times. While traditional funeral arrangements typically occur at a funeral home, AVBOB Funeral Services offers the convenience of conducting these arrangements in the privacy of your own home. Their funeral services are available to both policy holders and non-members.


How Do They Honour Loved Ones with Care and Sensitivity?

AVBOB South Africa believes in honouring the life of a loved one with the utmost care, sensitivity, and warmth. From the very first call, their qualified staff is dedicated to helping you arrange a respectful funeral that aligns with the family’s wishes or, if available, the documented wishes of the deceased.


How Does AVBOB Assist with Funeral Arrangements?

AVBOB provides comprehensive assistance in the following ways:

  1. Arranging Death Certificate: They coordinate with doctors to issue a death certificate, stating the cause of death. In the case of hospital deaths, the attending doctor issues the certificate. In unnatural death cases, the police must be informed, and the deceased is taken to a state mortuary. A death certificate is only issued after an autopsy determines the cause of death.

  2. Handling Deceased Release: Once the death certificate is issued, and the family identifies the deceased, AVBOB Funeral Services takes responsibility for the deceased.


Funeral Representative’s Role

The AVBOB funeral representative plays a crucial role by advising and guiding you through funeral arrangements. Decisions you’ll need to make include:

  • Selecting the minister or pastor to conduct the funeral.

  • Choosing the time, date, and venue for the service.

  • Deciding between burial or cremation.

  • Selecting music for the funeral, such as hymns, organists, or choirs.

  • Deciding if it is appropriate for the family to view the deceased.

  • Choosing clothing for the deceased.

  • Selecting the coffin or casket.

  • Determining who the pallbearers will be.

  • Planning eulogies.

  • Creating funeral pamphlets.

  • Arranging catering.

  • Planning funeral notices.

  • Selecting flowers.

  • Adding any personal touches.

  • Deciding what to do with the ashes if cremation is chosen.

To proceed with funeral process, you will require specific documents: the identity book of the deceased, a notice of death issued by a medical practitioner (BI1663), and a death certificate issued by Home Affairs.


Compassionate Funeral Arrangements

Arranging a funeral after the loss of a loved one is a challenging task, often accompanied by intense emotions and stress. AVBOB South Africa recognises the importance of handling the process with compassion and efficiency, ensuring a dignified farewell with their wide range of funeral services. Choosing AVBOB Funeral Insurance is a wise decision during these difficult times.

If you are seeking comprehensive funeral insurance services in South Africa, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Request a quote to have peace of mind knowing that your funeral costs are covered.