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Auto & General Legal Insurance

If you find yourself in need of legal aid or looking to protect your rights, Auto & General legal insurance provides a valuable solution. Discover how it can be the ideal choice for you.

Who is Auto & General?

Auto & General Insurance, a part of the Telesure Investment Holdings Group, provides different types of insurance products to South Africans. They have decades experience and have become a household name in South Africa.

Their offerings include various insurance policies, including business and short-term insurance, all compliant with the South African Short-Term Insurance Act. If you’re in need of affordable insurance coverage, Auto & General Insurance likely has a policy that suits your personal or commercial requirements in South Africa.


What Types of Cover Does Auto & General Offer?

Auto & General Insurance offers a variety of insurance contracts in South Africa, covering everything from buildings to health and commercial insurance. In exchange for a monthly premium, the insurance company provides financial coverage for specified risks outlined in your insurance agreement. Their policies often include additional benefits, such as emergency medical assistance, roadside support, and Legal Assist.


How Does Auto & General Legal Insurance Work?

Auto & General Insurance’s personal legal insurance grants you access to legal advice, even for issues that arose before you acquired the policy. This sets their legal cover apart from other options in South Africa. You can seek advice on legal, private, and labour-related matters – all depending on your legal requirements.

The insurance company’s legal insurance includes three automatic benefits. Initiating an insurance claim is straightforward – simply contact their dedicated call centre.

You can select one of three levels of mediation coverage: Plan A, Plan B, or Plan C. This coverage applies when you are involved in court proceedings for civil, labor, or criminal matters. The extent of coverage is subject to the maximum amounts specified in your policy terms.

Is there a Waiting Period?

Yes, there is a standard waiting period of three months after the policy’s commencement date before your coverage becomes effective.


What Does AutoGen Legal Insurance Cover?

Auto & General Insurance’s legal insurance encompasses assistance with written representations, settlement negotiations, and mediations in criminal, labor, civil matters, and family matters. It also covers legal matters related to identity theft, drafting legal agreements, and even provides support with tax submissions and tax advice.

If you already hold an Auto & General insurance policy, you might find their Legal Assist benefit included. Review your policy documents for confirmation and peace of mind.


How Does Auto & General Legal Assistance Work?

As an insurance provider, Auto & General Insurance’s legal assistance connects policyholders with the Auto & General Legal Department. This department comprises qualified attorneys ready to guide you through legal issues. They can also provide tax advice over the phone.

Their service is available around the clock, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The department can assist with court preparations, contractual law matters, legal representation referrals, wills, contracts, and other legal documentation.

It’s important to note that Legal Assist is an assistance benefit, not a full legal insurance policy. If you seek a personal legal insurance policy from Auto & General Insurance, they offer Auto & General Legal Cover, which comes with its own set of exclusions and conditions specified in your policy documents.


What Are the Benefits of Auto & General Legal Cover?

The Basic Benefit

This feature offers access to free legal advice for labour and private matters for the insured person through a 24-hour call centre.

The Mediation Benefit

This benefit provides legal support until litigation is necessary in South Africa. You receive unlimited mediation coverage, with legal professionals handling tasks like making phone calls, writing letters, and holding consultations on your behalf.

The Litigation Benefit

Once a matter reaches litigation, your coverage can branch into three options:

  • Litigation Plan A: Attorneys represent you in court for civil, criminal, and identity theft matters.

  • Litigation Plan B: Plan B covers all of Plan A and adds unopposed divorce matters and representation at maintenance hearings.

  • Litigation Plan C: The most comprehensive option, Plan C includes everything from Plans A and B, along with a Magistrates court application for rescission of judgment under specific conditions.

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