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First for Women car insurance

1st for Women’s range of vehicle insurance includes comprehensive insurance, third party, and third party, fire and theft as well as motorcycle and offroad insurance. The motorcycle insurance includes up to R20,000 worth of medical cover for personal accident and injury. The offroad vehicle cover includes up to R10,000 for fixed accessories, the spare wheel and R3,000 for lost keys. Given the nature of offroad driving, the cover includes towing and medical expenses to the value of R5,000.

1st for Women because women are better homeowners

It’s not that they think women are better, just more responsible and a better investment than men. First for Women began by offering car insurance products to women because of they were statistically a ‘lower risk’ demographic (which the European Union disagrees with, but what do they know). Since then 1st For Women’s insurance portfolio has grown to include home and contents insurance, business insurance, life insurance and personal insurance.

First for Women home insurance

Separating home insurance from buildings insurance, 1st for Women’s home insurance covers the contents of your home. The total value of these contents must cover all the contents of the home otherwise they won’t pay the full value out. That is to say, if your home contents are valued at R100,000 and you only insure them for R50,000, they will only pay out half of every claim because they are only covering half the contents. It is a good idea then, to make a list of all your home’s contents and their replacement value to determine how much cover you need.

The home insurance policy includes washing stolen from the line, veterinary expenses, food that spoils as a result of power outages and other benefits.

First for Women buildings insurance

For the structure of your home and surrounding fixtures and buildings such as swimming pools, driveways, tennis courts and the like, first for women provide buildings insurance. Just make sure to insure this for the value to rebuild these structures and not their market value, should the be destroyed.

First for Women business insurance

Even though all but one of their board of directors are men, 1st for Women believe in women in leadership roles and offer them a range of combined traditional business insurance policies for a range of different businesses.

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  • phoned me back ten minutes after I asked for a quote and helped me find an incredible insurance deal, saving me R115 each month.
    Simon Mahlaba
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