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1st for Women Insurance

1st  for Women Insurance is cover specifically created for women. Women are perceived as more responsible and considered “lower risk” than men. 1st for Women for Women started out by offering a range of vehicle insurance exclusively for women but has since expanded its portfolio to include a wide range of insurance products.

Products on Offer by First for Women

  • 1st for Women for Women Car Insurance
  • 1st for Women for Women Buildings insurance cover
  • 1st for Women for Women Home Contents Insurance Cover
  • 1st for Women for Women Business Insurance
  • 1st for Women for Women Life Insurance
  • 1st for Women for Women Personal Insurance
  • First for Women Portable Possessions Insurance Cover

First for Women Car Insurance

Because women are considered more responsible drivers than men, First for Women offers a wide range of well-priced car insurance products and benefits designed to benefit female consumers.

  • First for Women Car Insurance cover includes comprehensive insurance, third party only, and third-party fire and theft
  • First for Women Car Insurance also offers off-road and motorcycle insurance (off-road cover includes towing and medical expenses up to R5,000)
  • Additionally, there is up to R20,000 worth of medical cover for personal accidents and injuries
  • R10,000 for fixed accessories
  • Spare wheel and lost key cover

First for Women Home Insurance Cover

First for Women Home Insurance Cover presents a wide range of other products such as Buildings Insurance cover and Home Contents Insurance in addition to their original offering of car insurance.

  • First for Women Home Contents insurance must cover your home’s full value, not a portion thereof. You won’t be paid out in full should you under-insure your household contents
  • Washing stolen from the line, vets’ bills, and spoilt food as a result of power outages are all covered under FFW Home Insurance Cover

First for Women Buildings Insurance

The structure of your home will be covered under FFW Buildings Insurance—these will include the actual bricks and mortar part of your home. It is imperative that the rebuilding and replacement value of these structures is correct and not at their current value (replacement costs will be more).

  • Your driveway, swimming pool, and tennis court will also be covered under this insurance

First for Women Business Insurance

First for Women Business Insurance supports women in business. A range of traditional business insurance policies is offered for a broad spectrum of businesses, large and small.

First for Women Life Insurance

Ensure your loved ones are taken care of financially when you are no longer there to provide for them. Life insurance is seen as a lifesaver to your partner, parents, siblings, children, or in-laws—a precious gift to your family enabling them to meet their financial needs when you are no longer able to do so.

First for Women Personal Insurance

Personal Insurance can help decrease stress in your life. First for Women’s value-added products give you cover for all those small yet vital things. 1st for Women’s wide range of Personal Insurance products will assist you in confidently carrying out your daily tasks without stressing about life’s finer details.

These include:

  • Cash Back Bonuses (rewards for claim-free periods)
  • Cell phone insurance cover (for individuals without Portable Insurance cover)
  • Personal accident
  • Personal loans
  • Cyber insurance
  • Tyre and rim guard insurance (especially handy with so many potholes to contend with)
  • Funeral plans
  • Lifestyle combo (Covers personal accident and legal cover)
  • Scratch and Dent Insurance
  • Motor Warranty Insurance (Once the manufacturer’s warranty has expired)
  • Motor Combo (includes Scratch and Dent and Tyre and Rim cover)
  • Auto Top Up (the difference between the insurance pay-out and what you have to fork out if your car is written off or stolen)
  • Scratch and Dent Insurance

First for Women Portable Insurance Cover

This is cover for items that you take with you like clothing, handbags, iPads, laptops, jewellery, sunglasses and cameras—items that are vulnerable to theft or damage.

First for Women offers cost-effective insurance cover created with women in mind. If you would like to save money and are a woman, the above range of products should cover every aspect of your life. Get your cover today and save—it’s the responsible thing to do.

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