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Are you smart enough to get smart cover for your cell phone? If not, there is no time quite like the present to ensure that your all-important device is taken care of, whether stolen, lost, broken when dropped or if it falls into a puddle of water.

Smart technology is growing in popularity in leaps and bounds so play it safe by taking out Cellphone Insurance to ensure you are protected against all eventualities.

How to insure your device:

A standard household policy usually covers your tablet against theft or damage, but because these devices are portable, they are not covered when taken away from the home or the office.

Your broker will in all probability advise you to take out specified cover under the all-risks section of your insurance policy to ensure you have sufficient insurance cover – this will usually apply to both your cellphone and tablet and any other smart technology you own.

It is imperative that you check whether your device is covered under your unspecified all-risk insurance as we often presume these will be automatically insured.

Specification of your device:

Bear in mind when you insure your smart device, you need to insure it for its replacement value as the insurance service provider will need to replace the phone or tablet with the same or similar – they will either give you a voucher for the full replacement value, or they will pay you out in full.

Your broker or insurance company will request a receipt for proof of the value of your device as well as the serial number.

It is also smart to keep on record copies of all receipts of your device as well as a copy of the serial number for easy claiming.

If you have purchased your device overseas you will need to furnish your broker this information.

Take note that cellphone claims are sometimes rejected if the phone is blacklisted or you cannot provide an International Mobile Equipment Identity number, also referred to as an IMEI.

Get smart by taking out Cellphone Insurance.

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