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How Many Home Insurance Benefits Do You Have?

How Many Home Insurance Benefits Do You Have?

Home insurance isn’t just about home insurance anymore. It’s about the boons, and the perks, and the gravy. Home insurance companies have had to start offering irresistible home insurance benefits. This is necessary to attract clients in South Africa. Our short-term insurance market is flooded with products and policies all vying for attention.

Before you pick your favourite insurance policy, check the list of home insurance benefits first. Your policy might not measure up. These are the most commonplace home insurance benefits.

Comparing Home Insurance Benefits in South Africa

Benefit #1: Grocery Cover.

That’s right. Insurance that pays for your groceries. Why? Because Eskom is about as reliable as the Mayan Calendar. If you should lose your groceries due to a power outage, or if your fridge malfunctions, then your grocery insurance benefit will pay out to replace them. This might not seem like such a great benefit, but when you lose your month’s supply of prime, grade A meat in the freezer, then you’ll be grateful. Don’t forget to claim for this if it happens.

Benefit #2: Home Emergency Assistance.

Most car insurance policies come with a roadside emergency assistance benefit. This assistance includes repairs if your car breaks down, runs out of petrol, or runs a flat tire. Your home might not need any of these things, but you still get home emergency benefits on your home insurance policy. These include callout fees and the labour costs of plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, and glaziers. Your home insurance policy should include these.

Benefit #3: Cover for Theft of Documents.

Not Word documents. Important documents. Home insurance policies may include replacement costs for stolen ID books, driver’s licences, marriage certificates, and birth certificates. If these get stolen, then you may be able to claim for it from your home insurance company. Check your policy to make sure they’re included.

Benefit #4: Security.

Security is a relatively new home insurance benefit, and it is usually quite costly. If your home is burgled, then your home insurance company may pay for a security company to watch over your home at night. This is usually in addition to your current security company. The company your insurer may have required you to hire before opting into their policy. How long the security company is hired depends on the insurance policy.

If your home insurance policy has none of these benefits, then perhaps it’s time to shop around. Fill in our online form to compare home insurance quotes.

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