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Home Cover Is Essential During the Holidays

Prepare for the Holidays with Home Cover

We need short-term insurance cover all year round, but it is especially important during the holidays. Don’t be caught unaware with insufficient cover while you are away and enjoying the holiday season.

Hire a House Sitter for the Holidays

One of the most fitting ways to safeguard your home when you are on holiday is to have someone look after it by staying in the actual brick-and-mortar building. If you are unable to get someone to live in your home, ensure that there is someone to take your post inside so it doesn’t pile up while you are away, switch the lights on, and close and open the curtains.

Get Home Insurance

Home contents cover is one way to ensure the contents inside your home is covered against theft, although the elements can also play a role. Your antenna could be struck by lightning and render your TV worthless. The refrigerator could stop working, and whatever is left behind could go off, particularly in the hot South African summer. Whether your home is flooded, is subjected to hail damage where windows are broken and need replacement, or if your geyser bursts and ruins the interior of your home, home insurance can cover it and put your mind at ease while you travel.

Consider Other Types of Insurance for Your Needs

Did you know bicycle insurance exists that can cover risks related to your bike? If you are taking it away with you on holiday, it might be smart to check with your insurance service provider whether your bike is covered when away from home. This cover will usually fall under the sections of the specification of your schedule.

The same might apply to your expensive camera, cell phones, laptop computers and anything else that is not covered under the all-risks cover, yet needs to be specified. Simply check with your insurance broker what is and what is not covered when it comes to home cover during the holidays. You can enjoy the season, stress free with all your valuables covered.