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Uber and Taxify in 2019

1714 Reasons to Use Uber or Taxify

It’s an almost tangible change of energy that occurs with the advent of the festive season. Even Steve, the most serious guy in the office, will invariably, after a few tequila shots, replace his quiet demeanour with a more free-spirited persona. Shopping centres begin to heave with customers scratching around for a parking. A family trip to the beach can elevate from relaxation to road-rage as crowds descend on prime tourist locations. It’s not called the silly season for no reason.  Hailing an Uber or Taxify is not only the responsible thing to do but also the convenient thing. We are allowed the reward of fun and downtime during the holidays. It’s been another tough year for South Africans, so we owe it to ourselves to be refreshed for 2019.

So, how is it that we have come up with 1714 reasons? Isn’t that an excessive amount of reasons to call an Uber or Taxify? Let us further explain:

1. Approximately 1714 people died on our roads.

According to South Africans against drunk driving, some 1714 people were killed during the 2016/2017 festive season. This shocking statistic, which they chillingly compare to “5 aeroplanes of people”, was up 5% from the previous year. Alcohol abuse was involved in 65% of these incidents. The 2018 Easter death toll was 510, which they compare to “4 large aeroplanes crashing over 12 days”. As alarming as these statistics are; they should be viewed as a warning and a wake up call. You don’t want to be part of the 65% that is altering the lives of families. Deciding to catch a taxi before going out, is the prudent and responsible thing to do.

According to the SAPS website on zero-tolerance against drinking and driving, it can take just one drink to be over the legal limit. Anyone caught in a roadblock will testify to how stressful the experience is. Ensure that you familiarise yourself with the legal implications of drunk driving. Too many alcoholic drinks will blur not just your vision, but your judgement as well. Do not be tempted to take your car when you’re planning a night out on the town, even if you intend on leaving it there and catching an Uber home. Don’t let the sober you, put the inebriated you in that poor-judgement-call position. When experiencing the short-term side effects of alcohol, you may make life-altering decisions.

2. Uber assures you of insurance.

You’ve done everything right. You left your car at home. You took an Uber ride to your lunch with friends, knowing a few glasses of crisp white wine would accompany your meal as you toasted to the year ahead. Unfortunately, not everyone is this responsible. Particularly over the festive season. So, despite your best intentions, road accidents do still happen. Even the most pedantic of Uber drivers may fall prey to a reckless or inebriated driver. That is why Uber has added safety insurance and claims partner protection to all rides in South Africa.

Uber states that in the unfortunate event of an accident, the “coverage provides passenger accident insurance, which covers passengers’ accidental medical expenses as well as compensation for accidental death or serious injury suffered by passengers while on a trip with Uber.”

Uber are transporting people who are entrusting them with their safety, so Uber insurance is an integral part of any Uber owners responsibility. is a platform that many Uber owners utilise when comparing offerings from a number of reputable insurers.

Taxify requires that their drivers take out Passenger liability insurance before signing up to drive on the portal.  Taxify insurance should include comprehensive premiums per vehicle, including Passenger Liability, Personal accident cover and roadside assistance.

3. Uber has added new safety features.

Uber has undertaken to make catching a ride even safer. It has introduced a set of features that should decrease the risks associated with using the App.

The set of features includes:

–    Emergency button;
–    Trusted contacts;
–    Safety centre;
–    Speed alerts.

There has also been a recent introduction of a 24/7 phone support line for both passengers and drivers after South African’s voiced their frustration at only having access to electronic communications.

4. Parking, parking everywhere, but no space for me.

Well, that is something on which we can unanimously all agree. The ever-elusive parking bay comes stock-standard with the festive season. Half an hour of circling like a hungry shark can still leave you wanting. Taxify and Uber take this frustration right out of the equation. In fact, this is the closest many come to feeling like royalty, as we are dropped off just metres from our rendezvous spot.   

Finding parking can be a real mood changer for some, so take Taxify – you may just save in high blood pressure-related medical bills! Furthermore, if you factor in the price of undercover parking over the festive season, Taxify starts sounding even more affordable.

The festive season is here to enjoy, and we wish you all the very best for 2019. It just takes a little planning during what can be a chaotic time of year. Prioritise being safe. Prioritise your insurance over this period too, especially if you are leaving your home unattended. Most importantly, prioritise your responsibility to yourself and to others on our South African roads.  Utilising Uber and Taxify are a convenient and straightforward way of doing your bit for a responsible festive season.