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Top 10 Causes of Injury in the Home

Top Causes of Injury in the Home

You may not realise it, but your home insurance probably covers you for liability. This means that should a guest suffer an injury on your property, you may be covered for their medical costs. You will have to check this with your insurance company, otherwise, try to prevent injuries from occurring in your home. Here are the top 10 causes of injury in the home. (Some home insurance policies may cover you for personal accident, in which case these tips could help protect you from… yourself.)

10. Stairs, Ramps, and Floors

It’s not a great testament to human intelligence that a floor is the tenth most dangerous thing in the home. Granted, it’s the fall from the stairs, landing, and balconies that are most responsible, but broken legs and arms don’t know the difference. An estimated 2,4 million people are injured by floors every year in the US alone.

9. Beds, Mattresses and Pillows

Falling off beds is one thing, but buying bad mattresses and pillows can cause some noteworthy neck and back problems. A home insurance policy, from no matter which company, probably won’t cover back ache from a soft mattress.

8. Chairs and Sofas

Despite your experience, sofas are pretty dangerous. People fall off them all the time, causing serious enough injury to crack in at number 8 on this list!

7. Bathroom Fixtures

Accidental bathroom death is real. Everything in the bathroom is designed to be wiped clean, which unfortunately makes for slippery surfaces. More people slip in the bathroom and shower than fall down stairs.

6. Doors

The home insurance policy might not cover you if you’re the person responsible for slamming the door on your guest’s hands, but that happens a lot.

5. Tables

What people are doing on the tables is anyone’s guess, but “falling off” them is a common occurrence. Mostly because they’re not designed to hold up the weight of a buffalo carcass.

4. Cabinets and Shelves

Fortunately, we don’t have many earthquakes in South Africa, because a high number of Americans are injured each year by falling cabinets and bookcases.

3. Cans and Glass

Sharp cans, broken glass, and other shattered containers cause the third-highest number of accidents in the home, but they’re still not as dangerous as:

2. Clothes

A ridiculous number of children get tangled in or choke on their clothing every year. Mothers might have to dress their kids for a few more years to prevent this, or they may as well give them some shattered glass to play with.

1. Ladders and Stools

If people fall of tables, you bet ya britches they’re going to fall off ladders. Tripping off stools and ladders is the number one cause of accidents in the home.

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