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Santam Named Best Insurance According to Brokers

Who has the Best Insurance According to Brokers?

Santam has been voted the leading short-term insurer by independent brokers for commercial and corporate insurance for the third year in a row. This qualifies Santam as the best insurance according brokers and concludes that they are doing something right!

Santam has undergone an exciting rebranding venture, with a new website that offers a convenient portal for clients to find a broker. This allows people to locate approved brokers and browse through Santam’s insurance policy options.

Santam promises “Insurance, Good and Proper,” because of its partnerships with independent, reputable brokers. There are advantages to opting for insurance through a broker as opposed to getting direct short-term insurance. These take the form of professional advice, a smoother claims process, and customised services. Essentially, you find a policy exactly suited to your specifications.

Santam has a range of cost-effective benefits on offer. Some of their car and home insurance policies offer emergency accommodation and limited medical expenses. Their building insurance also includes emergency accommodation and garden cover, while their commercial insurance policies can be customised to suit your company’s specific needs.

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