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Loeries Chooses Best Life Insurance Company:

Loeries Chooses the Best Life Insurance Company

Whoever has the biggest advertising budget wins. Or that’s what direct insurers believe. Taking home a gold, silver, and bronze award at the Loeries, is clearly the winning direct insurer. The company has only been operating since November 2010. They have taken the insurance industry by storm with their ‘we tell it like it is’ approach to life and health insurance.’s integrated campaign featured radio ads, television ads, and print adverts. All of these were commemorated at the awards, making them the eighth top winning brand overall. took home best radio campaign with its gold award for the ‘What isn’t coming’ adverts. These same adverts also won a bronze at the Cannes International Advertising Festival.

The television campaign called the ‘Tshabalala Account’ took home the bronze Loerie in the Film and Video Communication category. The second best company in the integrated media category, took home the silver.

Best Insurance Adverts for life Cover

The campaign that saw take home three Loeries and a bronze Cannes advertised the company’s range of life insurance, serious illness cover, disability cover, and salary protection. The number of policies sold since its inception has helped it publicize its out-of-the-box approach to life cover.

Their underwriting partners helped them offer life insurance direct to the public with a no-fuss approach. As most long-term insurance products function as investments, they usually require a financial advisor or broker to negotiate.

To change the way people think about buying life insurance, offered it direct to the public with the fine print in bold. Things like “you ignore the advice of a qualified doctor, we won’t pay” are the order of the day. FoxP2, the advertising agency used by the life insurer, followed suit with the ‘you die we pay’ campaign. The success of the campaign at the awards is all the more impressive as it’s the company’s first entry.

How Do the Loeries Work?

The Loeries awards are judged according to five principles, namely an innovative concept, excellent execution, relevance to the brand, relevance to the target audience, and relevance to the medium. Not only the three Loeries, but also the R5-billion in product sales in 10 months, is testament to the fact that FoxP2 met their brief.

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