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Best Insurance Complaints Resolution Awarded to Auto & General

Who’s Got the Best Insurance Complaints Resolution?

The Ombudsman for Short-Term Insurance (OSTI) awarded Auto and General the Isabel Jones Ukusizana Award. The award goes to the insurer with the speediest, most efficient, and fairest resolution of complaints measured over a year. The award was based on Auto & General’s commitment to service in dealing with complaints, speed, the thoroughness with which they responded to the Ombudsman’s office, and the application of fairness and equality principles.

“Best insurance complaints resolution” is as close to “no complaints” as possible. According to the MD of Telesure Investment Holdings (Auto & General’s holding company), the insurer has committed to consumer excellence by implementing a number of initiatives to adhere to the Ombudsman’s undertakings. The award is an indication that they are reaching their goals.

How Does the Ombudsman Determine which Company has the Best Insurance Complaints Resolution?

Every year, the Ombudsman and his team rate insurers who are members of the Ombudsman office according to their response to queries from the Ombudsman and resolution of complaints in a fair manner. These are then adjudicated to decide on the overall winner. This year, the runners up included Standard Insurance and Relyant Insurance, who came in third.

According to OSTI, Brian Martin, Auto & General have invested substantial resources over the last few years into improving the way complaints and disputes are resolved. Not only has this seen better customer satisfaction, it has also resulted in fewer complaints received by the Ombudsman from the insurer.

In fact, between June 2010 and June 2011, when the award was announced, not one formal ruling was required on the part of the Ombudsman for Auto & General complaints. Martin also noted that the resolution of Auto and General’s complaints was the quickest of all insurers.

Auto and General, like some of the other direct short-term insurers in South Africa, have made submitting claims and updating policy information easier and more autonomous for their clients by means of an online customer services system. What’s more, they offer clients prizes for keeping their policy up-to-date, a great incentive to protect their policy holders from having their claims rejected on the grounds of non-disclosure.

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