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Crazy Pet Insurance Claims

Crazy Pet Insurance Claims

Medical aid for pets. Of course. Veterinarian bills are as high as some hospital bills. That’s why the proud masters of pedigree canines and servants of prizewinning felines have pet insurance.

Fortunately for these pets, so did their masters. All were entered into the Veterinary Pet Insurance Co. Hambone Award for most outrageous pet insurance claim. Which of these crazy pet insurance claims do you think is most outrageous?

4 Outrageous Pet Insurance Claims

1. Sugar and the Turtle

Sugar, a Jack Russell from Mississippi, enjoys a good chase. This is what happens to the various wild animals that wander into her backyard. One morning the dog got hold of a turtle and ate the whole thing, shell and all.

For a few weeks after, her quality of life deteriorated to the point where her owner was considering putting her down. That is until the vet, after a few x-rays and tests, discovered a small piece of shell had become lodged in Sugar’s nasal cavity, constricting her breathing. Her owner now keeps the turtle shell in a glass tube in her jewellery case.

2. Crawford and the Gel Bra Insert

Most dogs make snacks out of, well, snacks. Crawford, a Brittany spaniel, turned to the lingerie drawer instead and consumed a gel bra insert. The owner took the dog to the vet for gastrointestinal issues. A special diet helped the inserts to pass without difficulty.

3. Rider and the Wheelbarrow

Most dogs are all or nothing, especially when chasing squirrels. And especially when they’re sheepdogs. Rider, at full tilt, chased a squirrel up a tree but failed to notice the wheelbarrow planter. He collided right into it, breaking his scapula and a rib, which punctured his lung. The dog didn’t need surgery, recovering with some bedrest.

4. Jean Pierre and the Corndog Stick

When French bulldog Jean Pierre’s owners noticed a small bump in his side, they rushed him over to the vet. The vet suggested it might be a bee sting. The bump grew, and owners and vet feared it might be a tumour. They did some x-rays, only to discover that a corndog stick had pierced the dog’s stomach lining and was pushing on the dog’s body cavity. The owners’ daughter had given the dog her corndog, which JP consumed in its entirety.

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