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Top 10 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Insurance Policies

10 Ridiculous Celebrity Insurance Policies that Really Exist

We all know about J-Lo’s infamous ass and the $300 million (R2.4 billion) insurance policy in tow. Truth is, celebrities have been insuring their body parts since Bette Davis insured her waistline for $28,000 [R222,258] in the 1930s (now worth $357,000). As “tools of their trade”, celebrity insurance policies can often cover strange body parts.

Given that some singers, models, actresses, and football players require their legs for their occupation, we’ll forgive Mariah Carey, Rihanna, Tina Turner, Heidi Klum, Jamie Lee Curtis, and David Beckham for insuring them. Other than legs, celebrities have insured some less obvious parts.

10. Michael Flatley’s Feet

Legs schmegs, Michael don’t need ‘em. As long as he has his feet, he can remain the lord of the dance, for $20 million [R159 million) per foot.

9. Keith Richards’s Hands

You know you’re a great guitarist when your hands are worth $160,000 [R1.27 million] a digit. Keith Richards’s hands go for $1.6 million [R12.7 million].

8. Jimmy Durante’s Nose

You know Jimmy Durante? The 1920s actor? Starred in It’s a Mad Mad Mad Mad World? Well, his nose was his defining feature. Without it no one would know who he is today. He insured it for $422,000 [R3.3 million].

7. Ben Turpin’s Eyes

Remember when squinting was funny. Yeah, comedian Ben Turpin’s squint was so central to his career that he had his eyes insured for $500,000 [R3.9 million]. Without them, he couldn’t, you know, get a laugh.

6. Dolly Parton’s Breasts

It seems her breasts (and not her voice) make her famous. Parton insured her breasts for $3.8 million [R30 million]. That’s $1.9 million [R15 million] a piece!

5. Ken Dodd’s Teeth

Ken Dodd the comedian is known for his very British set of teeth. A lot less than perfect, his pearly whites are covered for about $331,000 [R2.6 million] each. A grand total of $10,6 million [R84,1 million] for the whole mouth!

4. America Ferrera’s Smile

She might be an ugly Betty, but she has a “$10 million smile”. Ferrera insured her grin for R79 million.

3. Angela Mount’s Taste Buds

So important is wine expert Angela Mount’s opinion, that she insured her taste buds for $16 million [R127 million]. Talk about tasteful.

2. Merv Hughes’s Moustache

Insuring a moustache for $317,000 [R2.5 million] is what happens when famous cricketers get bored. Merv Hughs automatically wins Movember, but not the award for strangest insurance policy.

1. Tom Jones’s Chest Hair

That’s right kids, the Sex Bomb ain’t so sexy without his chest hair. Protected from stray, flying wax, Jones’s chest hair is covered for $7 million [R55,5 million].

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