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Michael Jackson’s Posthumous Insurance Fraud

Michael Jackson’s Posthumous Insurance Fraud

Only Lloyd’s of London can make the news like Michael Jackson with absurd insurance policies like alien abduction cover or immaculate conception protection. Michael Jackson took out an insurance policy with the renowned global insurer to cover his “This Is It” tour. It’s one of their more conventional policies, and now they’re claiming it’s fraught with insurance fraud.

Michael Jackson’s Last Insurance Policy and the Alleged Insurance Fraud

The policy stipulated that if the pop king’s comeback tour didn’t get off the ground, they would pay out an impressive $17.5 million. Given that Jackson died before the concert could get underway, a claim has been made on the policy. And Lloyd’s are contending it.

Why Did Lloyd’s Say the Claim is Fraudulent?

According to the insurance company, the claim is invalid and tantamount to insurance fraud. They say the pop star lied on his insurance policy, which can invalidate any claims on the grounds of non-disclosure. The star did not disclose that he was on prescription medication at the time the policy was taken out. There was also no mention of him being under a doctor’s care (other than for cosmetic procedures) either.

The star died from an overdose of Propofol (a powerful anaesthetic) while under the care of Doctor Conrad Murray before the tour was supposed to take off. That’s why Lloyd’s is claiming that they were deceived. The matter has gone to court as Jackson’s estate executors pursue the matter.

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