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Crazy Famous Insurance Policies: Taco Insurance

Famous but Crazy Insurance Policies: Taco Insurance

Taco-bout a crazy concept. Can you really get insurance for your tacos? That isn’t quite what this unique policy is about. Among our crazy but famous insurance policies, this one stands out as a more creative insurance policy for a one-time event.

Tacos and Space Travel

In 2001, the Mir space station planned to return to earth in much the same way as an asteroid. To create even more hype around the expected return of the space station, Taco Bell created a 40 by 40 foot target for the space station to hit in the South Pacific.

The floating target had the words “Free Taco Here” written across it in large purple letters, because Taco Bell promised everyone in the United States a free taco if the space station hit the target. To cover the costs of the free taco bell for the millions who would claim their coupon from selected stores, Taco Bell insured themselves for it. The target was set up just off the coast of Australia.

The insurance policy covered the costs of every taco bell, which seems a high price. Luckily the risk of the space station actually hitting the target was extremely low. The likelihood that the insurance company would have to pay out was very low.

Did Everyone Get Free Tacos?

In the end, the station missed the target and landed near Chile. The United States released a collective groan for missing out on free tacos. Taco Bell gave the public a consolation special of tacos for 99 cents.

We’re sure the insurance company was elated to not have to pay out the sum insured. Looking for an insurance company that will be happy to pay out? You can start by comparing quotes. Simply fill in the form below.

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